Sunday, January 29, 2012

When Reading and Writing Collide

I spent yesterday with my nose in a book.  Two actually.  Unfortunately, neither were mine.  On the upside, one was Alien Proliferation by Gini Koch.  (If you haven't read this series, what are you waiting for?  It's gnarly.) And the other was Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman.  Also quite gnarly.  Two awesome books at a time?  Heaven.

My own book?  Well, it's sitting on the hard drive waiting for me to finish it - preferably before midnight Tuesday if I want to keep my promise that this sucker will be done in January.  No excuses.

But it does bring up an interesting point.  When your two loves are writing and reading, what happens when those loves collide?  I know I should be writing.  I knew when I got our of bed yesterday that I had four days to finish Djinn 2.  But I also knew I wanted to read JB's book.  So I told myself I'd read for an hour and then get to work.  And I did read for an hour.  After which I made myself step away from the ereader program for a quick trip to the postal place and the grocery store.

My big mistake after I got back was going to the couch.  Evil wicked nasty couch.  I thought I'd read a little of Gini's book and then go work.  Flash forward several hours and I'm so deep in someone else's story, that even when I take a break, I can't envision going back to my own book. 

:headdesk:  I should've known better.

Well, today I'm going to do better.  Even though I'm still not sure how to write the end, I will write it.  I will stay away from the couch.  I will not open the Kindle for PC.  I will write until I can write no more, and only then will I allow myself the reward of reading.

I just wish I'd had this talk with myself yesterday morning.  Feh.

What do you do to keep yourself on track with your writing when the books you love to read beckon?


  1. But you enjoyed the day and the reading, right? Let it go - maybe your brain needed some down time to prepare for writing the last bit of Djinnocide 2? It's done now, can't take it back - today's a new day!

    OK, how was that for supportive? Oh, and I have the same problem, for what it's worth!

    Happy Writing today, B.E.

  2. Face it, when you read a book you can't put down, the best thing to do is finish it and then NOT pick up another until your writing is finished.

    That's how I tackle the problem, anyway!

    Happy writing! Or reading!

  3. Oh heck yeah, Janet. Nothing better than a day of reading - unless it's a day of good writing. Very supportive. Thanks. And I did get 913 words out this morning, so it's all good.

    I think that's probably what I'll have to do if I'm ever under a deadline someone else imposed. Until then, I can read while I'm mid-book - I just get a little ticked at myself for wasting a day.

  4. It's not a "waste of a day" it's "studying the craft". :-)

    I can never find enough time to read AND write either.

  5. Sometimes I think you need to let yourself read books you love, even if you have other things you need to do. I think Janet is right--maybe your brain knew you needed a break.

    Besides, I find I get inspired after reading a fantastic book, regardless of what genre it is (in comparison to mine).

    But get back to work! Finish this book =D