Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Half-Year Goals

I don't do resolutions.  In fact, I pretty much stopped with the whole goal-setting for the new year thing a few January 1sts ago.  But, this morning I was inspired.  (You know who you are.)

Anyway, following this inspiration, I figured I probably ought to write some of these 2012 goals down.

1) Finish Djinn 2
2) Polish Djinnocide
  2a) Put together submission materials so I can...
  2b) Send this sucker out
3) Edit at least one other forgotten book (you know - one I wrote but never edited like Nano or UEQ)
4) Edit Djinn 2 (just in case Djinnocide sells or something)
5) Read at least as many books this year as last year (the count was 90 in 2011 - more on that tomorrow)

Those five ought to keep me busy - the first four at least for the next six months.  I have trouble thinking beyond that.  (Thank goodness my husband doesn't or we'd be in debt up to our eyeballs with a savings balance of ZERO.)  Of course, I have other things I need to do.  Some of them will get done.  Others will be forgotten and end up on this list another year.  (Like my never-ending goal of losing weight.)

What are a few goals you have for 2012?  Think you'll get them done, or will they end up on your list again next year?


  1. B.E., I hope you achieve all your goals! I have a few too, but at the moment, I just want to get my revision done.

  2. Great resolutions, B.E. - and I love that you're moving forward with Djinnocide ('cause it really is fabulous and needs to find a home).

    I am in awe of your book tally! I need to get back to reading on a regular basis.

    Posted my 2012 Word today - very excited!!

  3. Those sound like excellent goals, m'dear! Mine will be up on my blog sometime this week. I know I scheduled it in there somewhere... Perhaps I should go see when that'll post, LOL!

  4. Those are perfect goals. You can so do them too! I love Djinnocide's name, btw. That is too good.

  5. Great list of goals!

    I love the idea of setting half-year goals. I may have to revisit the ones on my blog, lol.

  6. Yay, goals! I find mine often get shifted around, and new ones crop up, and some things get moved to next year. But, I'm cool with them being fluid :) Oh, and read more - I definitely need to do that. I find very little time for it with writing and blogging and tweeting and whatnot.

  7. Excellent goals, my friend!

    Really, for this year, I just want to relax more and actually enjoy life - and that includes everything writing related. I would like to write a new book. I would like to laugh more. I would like to be less stressed.

    Happy new year! Wishing you all good things for 2012! Hugs.

  8. Thanks, Andrea. Good luck with that revision.

    I can't not push with Djinnocide. I've put too much into it to give up now. Thanks, Janet. If you need any book suggestions, let me know. =o)

    Thanks, Nat. I can't wait to see your goals now that you're through with school. =o)

    I tried to keep them small, Colene, so I could actually finish them and not be crushed by failure. Thanks. I can't wait to see it in print. (If a publisher actually lets me keep the title.)

    LOL, JB. We can commit to half-year goals and then compare notes in June.

    I definitely need fluidity, Alexia. Too rigid and I come up against that whole crushed by failure thing.

    Thanks, Jennifer! I think relaxing and enjoying is an awesome goal for you. Last year was probably pretty hectic. Here's to a more calm - but still kick ass - year for you.