Monday, March 21, 2011

Breaking the Rules

Yeah, yeah.  I know you're not supposed to post rejection letters.  I also know you're not supposed to reply back to the agent who sent it.  I just couldn't help myself.

Because it made my day.

Thanks for sending me your query.  I like your premise and your opening pages are certainly exciting and get the story off to a strong start, but as you know, urban fantasy is a crowded genre, and I'm only taking on projects that completely blow me away.  Yours is very good, but when I came to the end of this sample I didn't feel like I just had to know what would happen next.  I'm sure other agents will feel differently, but I'm going to pass.

Best of luck with your agent search,


Yup, that was from Cameron McClure.   I wrote her back and thanked her for this.  Because, really, when the shit is flying thick and deep, it's the little things that keep me afloat.  Nice and encouraging rejection letters, nifty notes from my blog pals, a sweet comment from my niece about my last book.  

So, I hope you'll all forgive me for breaking the rules.  It just gave me a little hope and I wanted to spread it around.

Speaking of hope, I just finished Discord's Apple by Carrie Vaughn.  Awesome book that meshes old myths with edgy dystopian fiction.  If you read it, you'll see how it connects.  After all, hope was the last thing left in Pandora's box and it's the one thing we all need when the world's going to hell around us.  (And damn you, Carrie.  You made me cry.  =op )

Got any good news to share?  Any hope to spread?  Come on, share the love.


  1. AWE! That was nice!!! Wow, really kind of her. You'll find the right one!

  2. Rulez schmulz -- I'm glad you wrote her back! What a fabulous rejection. Congrats, B.E.!

  3. Eh, break the rules all you want. It's definitely one of those good rejects. There are still a lot of compliments embedded in here. Go BE!

  4. That's a great rejection letter. Always very nice to know why someone passed on the ms so you can rework it!

  5. Excellent rejection letter, B.E. - and thanks for posting it, we all talk about them anyway!

    You are so close - keep sending it out :)

  6. That really was a lovely rejection letter and good for you for thanking her for it. You're obviously very close.