Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Made of Awesome

The purpose of this post - which I hope to make a regular feature - is pimping products I've discovered that I think are made of awesome. So, without further ado...

First off, Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws.  OMG, these the things are incredible.  And addictive.  That's okay, though, because they're only 130 calories for 38 straws.  Seriously.  For those of us trying to watch what we eat, these are a healthy alternative to chips - because they're made with good for you ingredients and it takes a lot of them to make a portion.  (More than I can eat at one time unless I'm zoning out and stuffing them in my face.)  Although, they're so snackable, you won't be able to keep yourself from stuffing your face.

Another awesome product to take note of is IdeaPaint - paint you can cover your walls with and write on like its whiteboard, but without the mess whiteboards can make.  I want a whole office painted with this stuff.  In the middle of a scene and get a great idea?  Write it on the wall.  Need to make a chart of plot points?  Draw it big so you can see it from across the room as you type.  Throw out your poster board, people.  Loose yourself from the bonds of sticky notes!  :happy sigh: 

And then there's Starbucks Via - lovely little single serve flavored instant coffees.  I have the ladies at Murder She Writes - and Jennifer Lyon in particular - for my discover of this.  A couple weeks ago, I won a Starbucks gift certificate from them.  So, I ordered me up a pkg of caramel and another of vanilla.  OMG.  Talk about yum.  Of course, they're also REALLY strong.  The first cup I made, I used the whole tube of mix.  Ever since, I just shake a little in my regular morning coffee for an extra kick and a little flavor.  Wicked awesome stuff.

How about you?  Any great new products (or new to you products) to share?  What do you think is made of awesome this week?


  1. You are made of awesome, B.E. - I so want that paint even though I just moved into the house and painted my office walls a wonderful lilac color (always wanted purple walls), I so want to repaint. This may be my new summer project - I love it!!

    And I've had a version of the veggie stix - more like a chip, but still made from veggies and better for you. I have a serious chip addiction, so even though I might go for the veggie option, I'll still be craving the real thing and won't be happy until I get it.

    Interesting coffee option - I'm more of a regular coffee drinker unless I'm going to a coffee shop and then I'll treat myself.

    Love the new feature - hope you keep it up :)

  2. I definitely want idea paint and Starbucks!

  3. Those veggie stix sound interesting, but I dont think we have anything like that over here, mores the pity.

  4. I had a humongous chalkboard painted on a wall in my home office in our last house. It was great for creativity, but the chalk dust everywhere was not so awesome. That paint sounds terrific!

  5. That whiteboard sounds brilliant! The have Crayola chalkboard paint too but I haven't been daring enough to use it.