Thursday, March 31, 2011

Giving Myself Nightmares Again

Okay, so I'm back to work again.  Lemme tell ya, after a couple months away, it ain't easy to get back into the groove.  Hell, I'm not even writing new words yet.  At this point, I'm just reading through the 160 pages I wrote back in 2009, catching myself up with where the story's at so I can move forward.  I hope to write new words this weekend sometime.

Anyway, here I am reading along, and I really love what I wrote - except it's a first draft and it's really killing me not to edit the hell out of it yet.  As I'm reading, though, I remember part of the reason why I stopped writing this book.  The villain POV scenes were giving me nightmares.  And guess what?  I've been having nightmares since I diving back into this story. 

Sheesh.  It's not even a horror story.  It's a suspense, and while the subject matter isn't the easiest to deal with, it's not exactly scary (I mean, it shouldn't be scary to me - I know what's going to happen).  Part of it, though, is that the villain has a quality of delicious evilness combined with a perfect certainty he's the hero of his story.  Slipping into his head creeps me out.  :shudder: 

I need to finish this.  I also need to shelve whatever crap is wigging out my subconscious and get some sleep.  If I keep at this, I'll probably be one contented sleep-deprived psycho before long.  So, if you see me start the slow slide into madness, slap me, okay?

Have you ever written anything that gave you nightmares?  How about writing subject matter that makes you uncomfortable in the deep crevices of your psyche? 

Or is it just me?


  1. Wow! THAT must be one amazing villain! Go B.E.!
    Had a dream about a book but not nightmares! Yikes! I bet he is a hoot to read, lifelike, exploding off the page and that is super exciting!

  2. I haven't written anything that gave me nightmares, but I think for you, that's a good sign that your draft is quite good. Finish that dang book!

  3. Wow, now this is MY kind of story if it's giving you, the writer, nightmares!

    You must be going deep, deep into the villain's head... I love it!

  4. It's good that you're getting creeped out! Good luck on getting back in the groove!