Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Don't Wanna

Ever have one of those days when your to-do list is staring you in the face, taunting you?  Yeah, that's where I've been off and on for the past couple weeks.  The longer the list gets, the less I want to tackle anything on it.  And frankly my to-do list makes me nauseous.  I mean, some of the things on it aren't exactly conducive to good abdominal health.

But I did them.

I signed us up for college orientation and paid the fees for Hubs and I to attend.  (HURL)  I sent out some queries - complete with shiny new letter and retweaked pages.  (GACK)  We got the kid's housing application sent in and she now knows what dorm she'll be residing in.  (BARF) 

I get queasy just thinking about the money we'll have to pay for college.  I also get barfy thinking about the placement exams she'll have to take before she'll be allowed to register for classes (and whether I've done a good enough job teaching her what she needs to know to succeed in college).  And of course, I always want to lose my lunch wondering whether my writing is good enough to attract anyone's attention.

Urp Urp Urp

But after some procrastination, I did what I needed to do. The nauseating parts of my list aren't totally finished, but I'm still plugging away. 

What do you have on your list that makes you feel gross?  How do you get past the nausea and accomplish those items?


  1. I had three things on my To Do list today and I did them all, even though one of them made me want to hurt someone.

    Sometimes, you just have to deal, you know?

  2. Yup. Exactly. Next stop... Taxes. :shudder:

  3. I, too, have to pay my taxes still, and it makes me feel all queasy inside!

  4. You need to infuse your "To Do List" with something less traumatic, B.E. Maybe every third or fourth item could be something more on the fun side.

    Of course, when I do this I tend to skip right to those items ;)

    Good luck with the taxes - and congrats on checking those three icky items off the list.

  5. I hear ya, Alleged. Hang in there. We still have a month.

    Thanks, Janet. I do need to focus more on the little things. If 'read' was on my list, though, it would be the only thing checked off some days. LOL

  6. My to do lists today consist of:
    Complete Income Tax form (prob not)
    Work through mss edits (definitely(
    Run daughter all over the island (another definitely)
    Resist chocolate (we shall see).

    Well done for getting your horrible jobs out of the way.

  7. Oh college. My mom felt the same way you did when we started the process.

    You know what you should put on your to-do list? Thank yourself for all the hard work you do. :)

  8. I hope you were successful in knocking some items off your to-do list, Debs. Although, I can never resist chocolate. ;o)

    Thanks, Chasing. I'll thank myself when this process is over and she's successful at college. Right now, I'm too wrapped up in it to celebrate the progress I'm making.

  9. Ohhhh. For me it's more kid classes. I don't know why that makes me queasy, but it does.

    Hope your nausea subsides soon!

  10. Paying taxes (I owed a lot this year). Starting to repay my student loans in a few months. Another round of intensive edits. Bleck.