Thursday, November 11, 2010


November 11th... It's snowing.  Gack.  Both Husband and Daughter have the day off work.  I gave her the day off school.  So maybe I can get some of my own work done today.  Lord knows, I didn't write a damn word on my novel yesterday.  I did write a boatload of stuff for Daughter's college application process, if that counts - which it doesn't. 

She's officially applied to CSU, btw, but now I have to complete all this paperwork - explaining and detailing our homeschool process, the classes, the student herself...  I wonder if public school teachers have to jump through this many hoops for each of their students.  Bleh.  Of course, I have to fill out both the counselor and the teacher portions of the paperwork, plus whatever the school district would normally present. 

Why oh why does NaNo fall in November of all months?  Why couldn't it have been in July when I was fairly free of other sundry things?  But no, NaNo has to fall on the month when we set the clocks back, the month when I have schooly type things to do, the month when the leaves fell the hardest, the month when the snow-shoveling begins, the month when the temperatures drop enough to make my bones ache...  Arrgghh. 

On the upside, my neighbor came over yesterday and divested me of a lot of the clutter our landlady had in this house.  This place came furnished and decorated - that place didn't - so the landlady allowed us to move to stuff around between the two properties.  I finally got that native american print out of my living room.  Neighbor gal loves it, but I just thought it was creepy, so yay.

Got anything to ramble about?  Feel free to post whatever in the comments.  (As long as it follows the blog rules about not being spammy, nasty, snarky or snerty.)


  1. NaNo DOES fall in a bad month. As a university student it's when all of my huge projects are due and final tests are happening and the first week of December is final time so it's crazy.

    I wrote like crazy nd finished NaNo so I could start my papers but now I'm so exhausted I sort of don't want to write for ten weeks. SIgh.

    Yay on ridding yourself from a creepy print!

  2. You're a rockstar, Melissa. I can't imagine trying to go to school and write a novel. I sure as hell can't imagine cranking 51K out in 10 days. Good luck with your papers and the rest of the semester. I'd tell you to take a break - lord knows you deserve one - but I know you can't. Hang in there.

  3. OK, I was exhausted reading all the stuff you're doing, B.E., then Melissa added her stuff. Man, you guys rock!

    I just have the Day Job that keeps me from what I really want to do. But the bills need paid! I'm finding it tough having the Day Job stuff on the desk where I do my writing - having a hard time separating myself and there's always something on the Day Job that I could catch up on. I really need to move my stuff to a basket when the Day Job is over. Give myself boundries!

    As for teachers doing all the work you are - don't think so! And I (ex-teacher speaking) believe that kids that are homeschooled are better equiped for life. Most of them have learned how to learn - as opposed to learning how to memorize. OK, now look who's rambling.

    Glad you got rid of that print.

  4. Family and writing. Always a hard combination that I deal with every day too.
    It's so hard, isn't it?