Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm a Slug

Okay, I admit it.  I spent yesterday on the couch being a total slug.  I didn't write.  I didn't read.  I just lay there, watching TV and occasionally doing a few rows of crochet. 

I wanted to write.  Hell, I'm way behind on my NaNo words, and even if I forget that, I am writing a book.  If NaNo didn't exist, I'd still want to be working toward THE END.  I even tried to tell myself to forget about NaNoWriMo and just get the words out.  Nada.  I told myself to forget how behind I was - you know, to take the pressure off.  Zilch.

So I was a slug. 

I did think about writing.  You don't want to know what I was thinking.  I must be at that point - you know the one.  The self-doubt point.  :shrug:  I've been here so many times they ought to name a street after me. 

Hubs is being supportive by telling me I don't need to worry about this.  That I don't need to hold myself to some arbitrary deadline.  I should just relax and let the words come when they will.  I understand.  He deals with deadlines and pressures in his day job, and he'd do anything to take that off my shoulders.  I get it.

I still feel like a slug.  Here I am without any outside deadlines or pressures.  I have no agent.  I have no contracts. (Which is pressure enough, if you ask me.)  No one cares if I ever finish another book.  I could chuck the whole idea and the world wouldn't be the wiser - well, except for the 59 people who stop by here on a regular basis.  :waves:

Don't worry, I'm not chucking anything.  I won't even drown my sorrows in beer - like my fellow slugs over there at the slug pub*.  I'll just keep motoring along.  Yesterday I was a slug.  Today I'm going to be a slug with sore fingers because I will write today, even if writing each word is like pulling impossibly long slivers from my fingertips with rusty tweezers.

* that picture is of a beer trap (aka slug pub) for ridding yourself of the pesky slugs in your garden.  They love beer.  They drink, they drown, they die.  :shudder:  Thank goodness I'm not really a slug.

 *All images deleted to avoid any chance of copyright infringement*


  1. We all go through slumps! I've been a slug for the past couple of months when it comes to writing....

    We've tried that beer trap thing before too! It's totally gross but works! Those little alcoholics!

  2. I so hear you, B.E.! The whole 'chucking it' thing - and the 'no deadline' thing - and especially the 'no one cares' thing.

    And because of that, I have no words of wisdom. None! Actually, I do, but they don't work on me, so I doubt if they'll work on you.

    Do know, however, that I'm cheering for you from my little corner of the universe! And I know how much you love to write, so you'll write :)

    Give yourself a hug and don't beat yourself up overly much.

  3. I need to tell that to myself too. But the couch just looks sooo inviting.

  4. Oh, I felt like that this weekend too! You're not alone in the whole slug thing. Slugs unite!

  5. I've never heard about the beer trick with slugs! Funny.

    Don't worry about being a slug for the day. The way I see it, your brain needed a rest and you took it. Maybe you even felt refreshed and ready to type a bazillion words. No worries!

  6. It's okay to be a slug. I'm either a slug or I'm in full-blown panic mode with no in between... slug is better :)