Monday, November 8, 2010


Last night as I was lying in bed, I realized I painted myself into a corner with the words I wrote over the weekend.  As such, I committed the cardinal sin of NaNoWriMo and went back through the first few chapters, fixing a sticky point and giving myself a new path to walk down.

I'm back on track now.  Unfortunately, it's been so long since I wrote new words, I'm reaching about an hour's worth before my hands go numb.  Bleh.  I'll be in fighting form as soon as I get used to writing again.  I'm still behind, but after checking last year's numbers, I'm not worried.

November 2009 - 45000 words, half of which were written in the last ten days.  I guess I just work well as a crammer.  Lord knows that's how I passed half my college classes.  LOL

How are things going in your world?  Are you a crammer or do you prefer to be prepared throughout the process?


  1. I'm still cruising along with my outline, but I admit, I do go back and tweak things if I think up improvements. I'd rather have a clean(ish) NaNo novel than a fast one.

  2. I'm still outlining too right now. Hooray for being back on track!

  3. I am totally a crammer... I work best under pressure. I wish I wasn't that way, but I've come to own it about myself. Good luck with NaNo!