Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Be warned:  I crawled out from under the wrong side of the rock this morning. 

It was probably the fact that this bed we have is a piece of shi... engineering crappary to rival the Yugo.  It came with the house and the frame is bent in such a way that the mattress sags in the middle - like the crossbar of an H.  As such, husband shifted positions at 5:15am, causing the bed to wobble.  I was laying on my stomach and the wobble threw my back into a position it was not meant to be in.  Screaming pain ensued.

Needless to say, I was up shortly thereafter.

And what was the first thought that came to mind when I woke?  (I mean other than OwOwOw)  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the house is a pigsty.  Sure, no one is coming over.  It'll just be the three of us again, and they both know the house is a mess.  After all, they've lived with my lack of cleaning since NaNo started.  Still, I can't have a holiday in a messy house.  It's just not done.

Thinking about things I haven't done that need doing reminded me that my frigging camera is still somewhere in California - on 'Parts Hold'.  And that my modem has been acting up.  More things on my to-do list.

And once my computer booted up and I coaxed my modem to play nice, I was reward with a SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT via my widget thingy.  Cold front's a comin' and we'll be getting negative windchills tonight.  Max's house is fairly toasty to say 15 degrees, but for negative temps, it needs more insulation.  Guess what else I'll be doing today?

So, you'll all have to excuse me for being a crabass this morning.  The end of NaNo is fast approaching.  I have 15K words left to write to reach my goal, and I suddenly find myself with a boatload of stuff I need to do.  Sure, I did this to myself, but I'm taking a moment to kvetch about it.

Anything in your life that's making you crabby?  Let it out.  Venting is good for the soul and it keeps you from going postal.  ;o)


  1. I love to read your vents, B.E. - and I end up nodding in empathy as I go along. I really need to try a couple of 'rant' days over on my blog - I'm always trying to be positive and some days...well, some days.

    Hope the day got better - and good luck finishing NaNo, I'm cheering for you :)

  2. Thanks, Janet. Most days I try to be positive, but yesterday went rapidly downhill. My little modem problem turned into 9-3 event, complete with moving furniture. I'll probably post about it over the weekend. Today I'm going to be positive.

    Thanks for cheering. I need all the pompom waving I can get. =o)