Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekly Update

Sorry that this week's posts have been sparse.  I blame the RWA conference*.  Most of my morning reads are absent this week, so I haven't had a lot of inspiration.  Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket.  I hope everyone who's gone is having fun in Orlando, but I'm stuck in Colorado, so I don't want them to have too much fun.  =op

In writing news, I'm hip-deep in editing hell.  I'm editing a different way this time - again.  This WIP is getting printed one chapter at a time.  I bloody up that chapter in the evening, and type in the edits the following morning.  That's if all goes according to plan.  Since I was sicker than a dog Wednesday, the plan didn't happen.  :shrug:  Sometimes life intrudes and we have to roll with it.  I got the new chapter 7 redinked last night.  Now we have to see if I have time to input those changes this morning.  (The cat's supposed to go to the vet today, but since he's gone walkabout, I have to wait until he comes back.)

Speaking of which, Max is doing well.  He's putting on weight like a champ and I'm slowly getting the mats out of his fur, so he looks like a cat somebody loves instead of a junkyard feline.  He's also feeling better, which means he's been the bully of the neighborhood again.  The other day I woke up to find white fur between his toes.  I'm guessing he had a run in with the stray I call Slinky.  He also took off after the stray known as Jay and was gone for a couple hours.  For a neutered guy, he's still all male, I guess.  As for that, he's also taking longer jaunts outside the yard - hence the term 'gone walkabout'.  He was here last night, but he hasn't shown up for breakfast yet today.

How're things in your world?

*Okay, I don't really blame the RWA.  But they're as good an excuse as any.  ;o)

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