Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Top Thrillers

This morning on Seanan McGuire's blog, she pointed out that NPR is currently having a vote for the top 100 thrillers of all time.  (Of course, her novel Feed - as Mira Grant - is on there.)  So, I was looking down the list and voting when I thought about what sorts of books you would think should be on that list.

Personally, the only missing pieces I saw were Allison Brennan's books.  Maybe they were on the long list and didn't make the cut for whatever strange reason.

Okay, so I originally intended to post the list here and talk about the ones I read and the ones I voted for, but as usual, the day got away from me.  Maybe I'll get around to that tomorrow.  It's been crazy busy here followed by bouts of collapsing into a puddle.

So, which books do you think are missing from the list?  Do you even read thriller/suspense?  Am I the only one who's going to print the list so I can figure out which books I should've already read? (I'm such a book nerd.  LOL)

Is everyone else as busy as I feel this summer?

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