Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mental Disconnect over Rizzoli and Isles

For some reason, I saw the commercials for the new TNT original series Rizzoli and Isles.  I even saw the latest edition of The Apprentice.  Neither of those connected in my mind with Tess Gerritsen's books.  Umm, duh.  I was partway through the series premiere before the little lightbulb went off over my head.  I was like "Oh my god, this is just like Tess's book The Apprentice" and then it all fell into place.  (Serves me right for not visiting Tess's blog in like forever.)

If you like Tess's books, you'll probably enjoy the show.  I know I like the two actresses featured.  The one playing Rizzoli played one of my favorite ADAs on Law and Order.  The gal playing Isles used to be Kate on NCIS.

The only weird thing about the show was watching it after I read The Apprentice.  It's damn hard to fit a whole novel into an hour long TV show, I know, but I couldn't shake the feeling that there were too many things missing.  I also had a tough time believing the Surgeon would've left her alone in a van with her hands taped together in front of her where she could use them to defeat him.  The Surgeon is one of the smartest and creepiest villains I've ever read.  The TV version didn't do him justice.

Having said that, however, I look forward to future episodes - preferably based on books I haven't read yet or storylines all their own.

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