Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picture Pause - Max

You asked for them and even though they were a longer time coming than expected, here are some pictures of Max. 
 Max looking bored with the situation - whatever the situation may be.

Max in his new box - complete with beach and bath towels for his kitty comfort

Max loving his new daddy's legs.  This one ought to give you some perspective as to how large the cat really is.  When I took him for a quick checkup two days ago, he was ten pounds and he's still fairly emaciated.  We're expecting him to top out around 18-20 pounds once he gets up to a healthy weight.


  1. What a love! He's going to be an even handsomer boy when he fills out.

  2. What a love! I wish I lived even remotely near you.

    My cat weighed 14 pounds when he was young, but he's getting scrawny in his old age. But he's not nearly that tall!

  3. Max is beautiful (or handsome - I don't want to offend him). He looks so happy - and all the comforts. Yay, Max :)

  4. What a cutie!! He looks very content.