Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolu... errr... Goals

Okay, so I skipped ahead.  I started my resolu... errr... goals a few days early.  Of course, the only one I really hammered was the goal to make a cleaning schedule and stick to it.  Monday was bathrooms and Tuesday was kitchen.  Each of those rooms is so sparkly clean that I'm freaking my family out. 

Didn't help that I rearranged the kitchen, but once I started cleaning, I realized how much better it would be if the table was over against the wall.  Then I needed to move the cookbooks, which led to moving the coffee maker, the toaster and the blender, then I needed a good place to put my new griddle.  THEN it occurred to me to shift some stuff in the cupboards. 

Whew, I'm tired just typing all that, and today is laundry day.  :collapse:

Crap.  I just remembered that Husband is off work starting tomorrow until the 4th, so my scheduled rooms for Thursday and Friday need to be done today or wait until next week.  I may have set myself up for failure this week, but I refuse to accept that.  I will have the house finished by the end of the week, if it kills me.

As for my writing goals...  Well, since my personal goals are draining the energy right out of me this week, I'm guessing I set myself up for failure there, too.  :shrug:  I'm trying not to look at my lack of writing last night as a FAIL.  I mean, it's not like I didn't think about my story while I was scrubbing the counters.  That counts - even if I didn't get any words typed last night. 

Thank goodness I made goals instead of resolutions this year.  Resolutions are so unyielding.  As if each one is like saying 'if you don't do this, you're a failure'.  Gimme Goals.  Those I can handle.  If I miss one, I can make a new one and not feel like crawling under a rock.  Life can throw little wrinkles at me, and I can go with the flow. 

How about you?  Resolutions or Goals?  Have you started working toward them yet, or are you waiting for the big day on Friday? 


  1. I think mine are more goals than resolutions and hopefully I'll stick to them.

    Well done with the cleaning. When you're done, you can always come here and start on my house.

  2. I totally agree with you that New Year "resolutions" should be changed to "goals." It really just has a better feeling to it. My "goals" are probably like so many others, I want to live a healthier lifestyle and of course work on my WIP. I hope you reach your goal of cleaning your house! I'm sure it looks lovely!