Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Day Before the Day Before Christmas

Happy day before the day before Christmas.  As of right now, that's what our tree looks like.  Of course, it's still missing a bunch of presents.  Those will be placed around the tree tomorrow night after Darling Daughter goes to bed.  (And if you're reading this, Daughter: "No, you can't open anything until Christmas morning.")

I think we went a little crazy on the gifts this year.  I know I did, anyway, and since I'm the Santa for the most part, I also know I'm right.  Of course, Hubby went shopping yesterday and made three trips from the car to his hidey spot while I sat on the couch with my eyes tightly shut.

In the pile around the tree, there are presents for everyone.  Except the cat, that is.  She's got everything she needs, and she's never interested in the presents themselves.  She does have an awesome time playing in the discarded wrapping paper, though, so she'll have a blast this year. 

Right Kira? 

Well... ummm... we'll just ask her later.  And before you think to suggest I buy her a cat bed, she had one.  She prefers the jeans - even if she doesn't appear to enjoy anything at the moment.


  1. LOL! I think she should be allowed to open up a present on Christmas Eve. I always got to open one ;)

    We got my cat a bunch of little toys, which my dog will probably claim as hers within days.

  2. We traditionally open all our presents on Christmas Eve, because we're all massively impatient. lol