Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quiet Blogosphere

Wondering why it's been so quiet around the blogosphere lately, or was it just me? I totally missed that RWA National is this week. The agents and the writers who blog have bugged to Washington, DC for the duration.

I'm still here, though. Writing a lot, but here. If you're also one of those left behind, Lynn Viehl is hosting her annual "Left Behind and Loving It" series of workshops. At the bottom of each post, she links to all the other people posting workshops during the conference.

I'm not a participant, but I was trying to get some meaningful posts out this week. Today was a wash for the blog, but I did get some good words out tonight.

Until I get around to posting, check out the workshops and I'll try to come up with something tomorrow. Or you could take this quiet blogosphere time and use it to get some extra work done. Lord knows if I worked instead of reading blogs in the morning, I'd add another hour of writing to my time every day.


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