Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All In My Head

Ever have a time when you spent so much time thinking about doing something that in the end, you think you actually did it? I'm like that all the time.

And of course, that's where yesterday's post went. Off and on yesterday I thought about what I was going to write. I kept telling myself to sit down and write it, but then something would distract me. (Like sucking the water out of the basement, or unplugging the sink in the downstairs bathroom... You know... Life.) By the time I went to bed, I thought I really did write a post. I guess it was all in my head. Since that's where I spend most of my time, I'm not surprised.

Yesterday Jennifer Lyon wrote a post over at Murder She Writes called Waking Up Stupid. I totally get that, but for me, it's not just associated with being deep in writing a story. Like I said, I'm like this all the time. :shrug:

Of course, having a new story in my head doesn't help. I swear I didn't hear a damn thing my husband said last night because my brain was possessed by this new story. I can only hope I made the appropriate responses, and that if I didn't, he understood why I was acting like a zombie. It was the story, I tell you!

Speaking of which, I didn't start it Sunday night like I hoped. Thanks to a cloudburst, I spent some time trying to stem the flow of water into the basement. And thanks to plumbing difficulties, I spent some time trying to unclog a sink. (Neither of which worked, btw. Which is why yesterday was still occupied with those pursuits.) Last night I got 1500 words out of my head before another storm hit.

Here's hoping the electrifying weather holds off today so I can get some more of this story out and de-clutter my head.

Do you get like this when your brain is cluttered, or is it just me?

(btw, to get what the picture has to do with this, see my comments in Jennifer's post.)

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  1. Oh, my brain is so cluttered it's unbelievable. I need a filing cabinet for my head.