Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekly Update

This has been a week filled with awesomeness.

First off, I finished the red-ink edits on Nano. The whole round, start to finish, took me two months - working mostly weekends. It started out with 100,495 words and ended up at 93,545 (net loss: 6885 words). It still needs a lot of work. The next round is going to be reinserting the scenes I chopped, so the villain's POV shines through, and then comes the down and dirty line edits. I don't expect a major loss or gain during the line edits, but when I'm done, most of the words will be reorganized into something tighter and more sparkly.

Next up for the week was the writing. An idea pummeled the crap out of me Sunday and would not be denied. Believe me, I tried. I told the damn thing I had other stories ahead of it in line, and it would have to wait it's turn. We bargained for a while, and I thought I could just write the major plot points in my trusty notebook. Doing that only encouraged the story. I fought with it over its place behind the edits for Nano. I won that round, but as soon as the edits were done, the story took over. Since Tuesday, I've written 6385 words on this new book (as yet untitled) - almost as much written here as chopped out of Nano.

Then Thursday (was it really just yesterday?), I got a request for full out of the blue. Really. I queried this agent on 4/19. After almost three months, I wrote the query off as 'rejected'. Then the full request shows up. Shocked the shit out of me. Hope springs eternal for Blink. Yay. Needless to say, I shot the full off within minutes of the request. It's always good to be prepared, and this full has been prepared since April when I got my first request.

Quite a week for writing, if I do say so myself.

Plus, on the home front, I declogged three sinks and kept up with my exercise regime. Which are always good. The drains are running wonderfully well, and I'm starting to get definition in my calves again. (I used to have awesome calves, then I became a lump of mashed couch potato and the legs got flabby. Eww, gross.)

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now.

Now for the week ahead... I've promised myself to average 1500 words a day on this new book. So far, that's about where I'm at. If I can up the production, great. If not, I'm okay with it. I wrote RTL in six weeks, and I'm just as jazzed about this new story as I was about that one - which means I could have this book finished by the end of August. I'm shooting for the end of September, though, just to give myself some padding.

How are things going for you? Anything exciting happen this week for you? Do you have a goal for the coming week you'd like to share?

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  1. Congratulations on everything! It has been quite a writing week for you!

    I don't really have any goals for the next week or two (writing-wise). I just got back from vacation and then I leave monday night for RWA... so I can't really set goals for myself for the next few days. When I get back I'll hunker down and do it though =]