Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 15

Okay, so it's Week 15.  Week 3 times 5. Week 30 divided by 2.  Whatever.  Here we are again.

I finished this edit pass on Fertile Ground yesterday and sent it off to the Awesome Wonderful Editor.  She'll have it back to me by the 1st. 

I have the cover done.  It follows the same general feeling of Dying Embers now.  Yay.  I'll show it off in my newsletter at the end of this month.  Have you subscribed to the newsletter yet?  There'll be a snippet of the book in there, too. 

Since I was pretty much all about getting Fertile Ground done, I don't have much else to report.

Oh, I saw a bald eagle on Friday!  I thought they'd all already gone north, but nope.  There's still at least one around here. 

This week, I will get back to work on my bathroom.  Tomorrow, I'll finish patching and caulking. I'll probably also start taping things off.  Haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do about the damn mirror.  The bathroom has a huge mirror covering most of one wall from the counter to the light bar, and all the whatchamadoodles that hold it to the wall are clear, so I have to paint behind them without getting paint on them or without trying to move that whole big sheet of glass.  (Because moving the mirror will definitely result in mirror breakage.  I know me.)  I'm thinking I'll remove one thingie and paint behind it, wait for it to dry, move another thingie, etc.  Or maybe move every other thingie and paint behind all those so I don't have to wait so much.  We'll see.  If you hear the sound of shattering glass, my idea didn't go so well.  ;o)

And that's about it for me today.  How's things with you?


  1. Things are. Which beats the alternative, I suppose. LOL My skin feels like it's been abraded by sandpaper. Baseball Boy's team had the dirt field for the 2 games yesterday. Wind was coming in from the south at a steady 25 with gusts of 30-35. My eyes looked like they'd been lined in kohl, despite sunglasses and baseball cap blocking face during the worst blows. The boys won both games so we go back at 4:00 today for games. Still windy, but we'll have our backs to it.

    Got 2 chapters written yesterday. If I'd get off the freakin' internet, I could probably get a 3rd written today. At least I figured out where the darn book needed to start.

    Still waiting on guy to come estimate the fence disaster. Whoppee. And I need a nap. Yup. Typical Sunday. LOL

  2. Just about recovered from the flu bug, then went & dislocated my little toe. Used to happen a lot, but not done it for about 4 years. Pain, agony etc, but now at the bruised stage. Made a quilt over the weekend and a doorstop. Not much else. Sunday was mostly taken up with listening to Nalini Singh's Slave to Sensation and doing some hand sewing. I love Nalini's psy-changling series.