Thursday, April 14, 2016

This n That Thursday

I'm still in a writing funk - which has spread to marketing, editing, and talking to other people about writing.

I saw a hummingbird yesterday!

I also spent most of yesterday preparing the bathroom for painting.  Total caulk and spackle extravaganza.  And the discovery that the boobshits who owned this house had used a rather long nail to put up the towel bar hardware.  (Something like this.)  Once I got that pulled out and had dented the damn drywall, I found what I thought was another nail in the wall behind the hardware.  I couldn't pull it, so I called in a man.  Hubs finally got it pulled.  It wasn't a nail.  It was a really long screw someone had cut the head off of.  (Sorta like this.)  After which the wall was a freakin' mess.  AND, while I was prepping the surface for drywall repair, I found that they'd tried to repair it once before - with CAULK.  Ugh.  Anyway, I got the holes repaired and everything that's supposed to have spackle or drywall repair has that, and everywhere that's supposed to have caulk has caulk. 

Time for a PSA, Please, please, please, for the sake of all you hold holy, don't use caulk to repair holes in drywall or plaster.  Spackle is cheap.  It comes in a squeezie tube or a little bucket, and it's so much easier to work with before and after.  Once caulk dries, it turns into something like rubber and it sticks to everything.  You can't sand it, and you can't remove it without tearing a big hole in the wall.

Today, I will be sanding (because the repaired area looked like it was spackled by a child), and I will be taping.  I hope to get to painting shortly thereafter.  The walls will be Cappuccino Foam and the moldings / cabinets will be Soft Wool.  Off white on off white.  And now I feel like Shelby in Steel Magnolias. "My colors are Blush and Bashful." ;o)

Of course, now I want to paint all the rooms in the house.  Seriously.  Everything needs a fresh coat.  To which Hubs says "When you have a paintbrush in your hand, everything looks like it needs painting."  He so funny.

There are also several other spots that need drywall repair...

Ah, the joys of home ownership.  ;o)

What's on your 'this n that' tap today?


  1. I pushed through the Desert of No Words and found the Oasis of I Might Finish this Story After All.

    I refuse to talk about housing repairs. I need to win the lottery so I can just hire people. We don't have the energy or the $$ at the moment. :(

    I dumped the hummingbird feeder I'd put up when the warm weather hit (Who am I kidding? We had almost no winter!) and put up fresh. Still no visitors that I've seen. I'm fighting a war with the ants to keep them off and out of the feeder. They need to transfer to my one peony blossom. :P

    The DYI force is strong in the Hubs. The truth he speaks.

    On a bright note, Only got creative last night and I have awesome graphics of book covers to use once I get back to marketing! (Which I also suck at. :( )

    Okay. Schlepping off for a second cup of coffee and then new words. Maybe.

  2. Writing funk here, too. I'm concentrating on nonfiction and sewing patterns at the moment.

    No hummingbirds, but I saw my first butterfly in ages. We do have lots of cardinals, swallows, and drab little birds I can't identify. And the occasional roadrunner or turkey. :-)

    I hope I didn't put caulk in all those holes I filled. Toothpaste, maybe. The trouble with depression: I honestly don't remember. But most of the holes were in a closet, so maybe the next owner won't hate me tooooo much. :-)

  3. We're fighting crabgrass here. Well, my guy is, and driving himself crazy in the process. I'm making helpful, supportive noises as he goes on and on about pre-emergents and watering and grassing it out of existence. Personally I suspect crabgrass is a mutant alien life form determined to occupy our planet one inch of soil at a time.

    I've been in a writing slump but slowly pulling out of it. New client, new project, and no more sewing this week until I slay my deadlines.