Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 16

I wish I could say it was a productive week.  Ummm... errr.... no.

I read a lot.

I got my refurbished computer and set that up.  Not quite as big a pain as a new-new computer, but setting up any computer has some PITA elements.

Finished my bathroom.

Got the guest room ready for our first guest.  The Kid is coming to visit in two weeks. YAY!

Spent a large chunk of yesterday looking for my MS Image Composer installation CD.  I haven't seen it since I got my last new computer in 2010, but, since I never throw anything out, it has to be around here somewhere.  Soooo, I sat down in the storage closest and began sorting through boxes.  I found all sorts of neat stuff.  I also found my tax paperwork from 1998-2000.  Umm, yah.  After a few hours of that, I gave up and ordered a new-to-me CD off ebay.  The seller has 100% satisfaction over almost 500 customers, so I hope I don't get screwed.  I also hope I don't have to finally break down and learn a new image manipulation program because that would truly suck.

I took a lot of walks last week.  I think I only missed one day.  Which reminds me...

I haven't done a 'do something active every day' update in a while.  I missed 7 days in the last month and a lot of the days I hit were either cleaning or painting.  Still, I stepped on the scale Friday.  189.  Down 6 pounds since the beginning of the year.  I ain't shedding pounds Biggest Loser style, but that wasn't the point of this anyway.  I'm more active.  That was the point.  The decrease in poundage is just icing on the cake... mmm, cake... I want cake. 

Looking ahead at the week, I need to get my newsletter set up and ready to go out next weekend.  I also need to get a blurb written so I have something to say in my newsletter.  I will be unveiling the cover for FG.  (Thank goodness it's done or I'd be so screwed without my image program.  Ugh.)  And other fun stuff... or I hope it's fun stuff... I never know.  Thanks bunches to those of you who actually read it.  :hugs:

How were things for you last week?

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  1. Last week? Oh, yeah. Time has passed. Huh. I did lots of critiquing/editing for others. I didn't get much written but some new words. I have more editing I hope to have done and back to my CP today and then tomorrow, I start on my own copyedits on the next HQ Desire. It's due Friday.

    I need to upload the self-pub books not in KU to All Romance. I need to update my website with a books list--one page with all my books on it and all the links--sort of a one-stop shop. I need to get a newsletter out. I didn't when I released MOONSTRUCK: LIES Trying to decide what to put in it.

    We're due weather on Tuesday. Could be a rock-n-roll severe weather day. I'll need to be ahead of the computer game if it happens. Whoopee.

    FYI? LoveLOVELoving IN DEEP WISH!!!! I wanted to read last night but the eyes were bothering me. :( Maybe I'll get it finished tonight.

    Okay. Must get off the intrawebz and to work!