Thursday, April 7, 2016

This n That Thursday

I finished the line edits for Fertile Ground last night.

I also figured out some basic ways to address the things in my editor's letter.  This occurred right before I fell asleep for my nap, so I promptly forgot them. 

I take a nap every day. 

Some days I am unprepared to face humanity.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I identified the big tree off the backyard.  It's another black cherry.  I think the reason I was unable to identify it before was 1) all its leaves are at least 20 feet off the ground, 2) I hadn't noticed it blooming or fruiting in past years.  I think the gnarly vine growing up it had prevented the poor thing from living up to its potential because this year it is very obviously blooming.  (If you remember, I spent some major time last year eradicating vines.)  The blooming made identification way easier. 

Hubs and I cleaned the grill the other day.  Inside, next to the propane tank, sat a gray tree frog.  I rescued it and put it in with my irises.  It spent most of the day over there, happily clinging to the broad flat leaves or hiding near the fat bulbs. 

The world has gone pretty much batshit nuts.  Which is probably why I am unprepared to face humanity some days.  And why I spend a lot of time talking about nature and hiding in my hermit hole.

I have ants on my peonies!  If you've ever had peonies, you understand why I am excited about this.  If you haven't, peonies won't bloom without ants to help by eating the bud covering.  No ants last year = buds but no blooms.  Here's hoping my pretty peonies give me loads of pretty flowers this year.  Lord knows I have enough buds.

What's up with you today?


  1. Not enough coffee. No writing. Life is so meh I don't even want to read. I lifted too much $h!+ yesterday and still hurt. When the fence/wall collapsed yesterday, we discovered millions of cockroach-like bugs. I'm not kidding when I say millions! The neighbor pays big bucks to have his yard sprayed for pests. He's not a happy camper.

    Hopefully, we can pay someone to rebuild fence. Not sure LG, neighbor (who's had back surgery) and I can physically do it.

    I want a nap. I'll settle for more coffee. *drags my sorry, whiny @$$ away for another cup*

  2. I've learned a lot about flowers from you. I didn't know that about peonies.

  3. I didn't know that about peonies, either. My begonias are blooming like crazy, but I think it's the weird cold spring we've been having. They like the chill for some reason.

    I've been sewing and writing and houseworking, and not much else right now. Wait, my guy is home sick this week so I've been pampering him, too. That's really not work. And I lost another pound. Nine more to go and I meet my goal weight for summer.

    We keep the television turned off and listen to music. So much more soothing than the world at present.