Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 36

How did it get to be Sunday again already?  Arrgghh.

Let's not talk about writing, shall we?

I have another sale starting Tuesday with advertising going out Thursday.  Dying Embers will be the advertised sale at 99c/99p.  The other two books, Fertile Ground and Early Grave, will be $1.99 (or the UK equivalent) each.  Whether I get much chance to market these on FB will depend on our justice system and how long this jury thing lasts.

Did a fair amount of reading.  Finished 4, DNF'd 3. 

More granola bars were made. 

On the activity front, 6 out of 7 days.  More cleaning and walking.  One day of grocery shopping, which I counted this time around because... well... you try pushing a cart with a 24 pack of water, three big jugs of apple juice, two big jugs of orange juice, and a week's worth of other groceries around Wallyworld.  And the cart didn't want to make right turns.  Ugh.  If that wasn't burning calories, I don't know what would be.

No fishing.  With the holiday weekend, I didn't want to be anywhere near the lake.  And then it was too freakin' hot and I had stuffs to do in the mornings.  =o\

The fawns are losing their spots and growing.  A few are about 2/3 size of the does now.  The other day we had 10 does and 7 fawns in the yard.  It's a bumper crop.  Yay.

I got my files backed up.  If you haven't backed up lately, this might be a reminder.  :poke:

And that's it for me.  Not a whole lot going on in Sandersonville.  How about your ville?


  1. I started giving Churchill a little soft catfood twice a day. Now every time I go into the kitchen, he's in there with big, starved eyes. Um, no go, kiddo. There's a whole bowl full of kibble right behind you.

    After ruthless chopping (and moving into other files), I've shortened the dressmaking book by 148 pages. Yay! Only 50 pages left to cut. Sigh. After that I can put in the illustrations and see if I need to hack it up more.

    But I'm getting closer! :-)

  2. My files go to Carbonite in the cloud. Daily.

    It's hot. It's also Monday.

    I've lost more weight. Not sure how or why? Well, I'm not eating as much. Stress is wonderful so long as you don't stress eat.

    Stuff happened. I groused on my blog. I won't bore you here.

    Did I mention it's hot?

    We had awesome Mexican food and visit with the family Saturday.

    I won't mention writing either. And it's Monday. All day.

    I need more coffee. Hope your week is off to a better start!