Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Short Attention Span Theater

I always want to spell 'theater' as 'theatre' for some reason.

Hubs and I went to Missouri's equivalent of the DMV yesterday.  We hit the sweet spot.  Only two guys there when we arrived and the wait was short.  By the time we left, the line was out the door.  (In all fairness, it's a very small office, so 'line out the door' meant probably 6-7 people and 3 people at the counter.)  Now, we'll both have Real IDs and be federally compliant.  umm, yay?

I finally saw button bumps on one of the fawns yesterday.  Baby buck!  Yay!

My new pack of sticky notes is screwy.  It has alternating sticky, so when I go to pick them up, they make like an accordion.  Who thought that was a good idea?  And every time I use one, I have to turn the pad so the sticky is always at the top.  Derp.

Hubs also mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon.  To try and thwart the oak mites, he wore a long sleeved shirt and we doused him in Cutter bug repellent.  Poor man.  Sweating and smelling like bug spray.  Not sure if it worked yet because the mites take 4-6 hours to start itching and he's still sleeping.

Yesterday was a busy day.

When I first typed Cutter, I hit the B instead of the C, so it looked like we doused him in Butter.

A while back, I switched us from margarine to real butter.  It really does make a positive difference in the taste of things.

I have a bruise on the top of my foot.  Not sure where that came from. 

This morning is another 'coffee in my coffee' morning, wherein I add instant coffee to my cup of  coffee machine coffee.  It's necessary, trust me.

We have a Black and Decker coffee maker.  It holds up against this hard water better than Mr. Coffee.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to have a longer attention span and a real post available soon, but this week ain't lookin' good for it.

What fun and exciting things do you have to contribute to Short Attention Span Theater?


  1. That's the British spelling. Like, I went to Centre College of Kentucky, not Center College. And man, did I get a lot of guff for spelling it that way.

    We had rain and thunder last night. BIG thunder. Now it feels like a swamp outside. Rain without cool temps sucks.

    I need to trim back vines but big trash pickup doesn't come until October 25 and the city stopped accepting yard waste in trashcans. You have to rent a "special" container and pay extra.

    I need a standup desk or a treadmill under my chair. I sit too much (not that I get anything done) and having feet/ankle/spider veins issues.

    Cheap coffee tastes as good as the more expensive kind I really like when that's all there is in the house.

    Wait. Is it Thursday already because this feels like This-n-That.

    No writing. Every day and I say I'm going to do more than stare at the monitor. I mean, it's not like I have a TV in the office at the moment. It's in the den so LG has something to watch. The big ones are still fritzing and no scratch to buy new or figure out how to repair. Oh well.

    I was on the wait list at the library for a very popular new release. It hit my in-box last night and then I discovered that it was the ebook, not the audio. My eyes are so bad at the moment, I can barely read my monitor or see the TV, much less read a book. 😢

    Okay. One more blog to deal with then a couple of emails that just came in and then I really am going to try to get words done. If I don't get at least a couple of books released this year...well...it won't be good.

    Later, tater! And crossing fingers that Hubs fought the oak mites and won!

  2. > I always want to spell 'theater' as 'theatre' for some reason.

    You watched too much Masterpiece Theatre in your childhood. :-)

    How did the Oak Mites War end?