Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday This n That

The geese are really on the move now.  We hear flocks of honkers on a daily basis.  Sometimes I even get to see them.  A small flock of Canada Geese was paddling its way up the lake the other day when I noticed one of them looked really weird.  As in white.  It was a single snow goose swimming along with the Canada ones.  Too cool.

I won ten dollars in last night's Show Me Cash lottery drawing.  Only spent $7, so I'm ahead by $3 this time.  (Behind by a whole bunch if you go cumulative on me.)

My record of falling once per year got shot yesterday when I was out at the lake and the rock I'd stepped on to walk across from one spot to the other, a rock I had walked on previously at least a dozen times, decided it no longer wanted to be where it was and slid out from under me.  No injuries this time.  I'm getting better at falling.  I guess if you do it enough, you're bound to get better at it.  Sorry Hubs had to see that one.  Poor guy worries enough about my graceless ass when he has to see the aftermath.  Personally, I think that rock had it in for me.  Hell, he'd used that rock to walk across a few times himself.  I'm glad it was me and not him that ended up getting dumped on the ass.  And I'm glad I didn't fall further to the right or I would've ended up in the river.  Whew.

My local favorite park is officially in winter mode.  Very few campers.  No on-site hosts.  No running water either, which limits me to the non-flush bathroom, but hey, better than no bathroom.  Anyway, I was the only one in the whole park the other day.  It was awesome. 

The time change has me totally messed up again.  I managed to make it all the way to 8:45pm last night (formerly 9:45, which is way past my bedtime) but I woke up at 4am this morning.  I stayed in bed for another thirty minutes, but still...  Blech.

Speaking of time change, animals don't get it.  So, to that end, Kira kitty is now being fed at 6am and 6pm because trying to feed her an hour later than she expects ain't happening.  Back when I was in CO, I remember someone telling me how hard it was to shift the cows at the feed lot over to the time change feeding schedule.  One hundred thousand cows.  All expecting to be fed an hour earlier than the silly humans were feeding them.  Wouldn't it have been easier to adjust the feeding schedule than try to adjust all those cows?  Jus' sayin'.

What's on the this n that radar for you today?


  1. I'm still waking up before 4am myself. :(

    It does seem sort of silly to change the cows' schedule. Someone didn't think that through.

    re: falling
    Glad you didn't hurt yourself. The other day I tripped off a curb. I caught myself before I hit concrete. I thought I looked like I was break dancing, but Greg said I just looked drunk. LOL!

  2. We just need to kill Daylight Savings Time. Problem solved! Why can't TPTB get this through their thick heads?

    The oak trees have turned and are shedding leaves like crazy. The yard guy has disappeared. This makes me unhappy but since I'm not the one paying him, I'll let the BiL deal with it. Makes sense to come each week and do 10-20 bags rather than waiting and having 200 to bag. *sigh*

    I'm bummed out about my books sales. Not sure what to do except keep writing more books. Ah well.

    You know about my spectacular fall. My knee is still messed up. Be careful out there!

    I'll be cooking spaghetti for 200 this weekend. LG is the commander for the local American Legion post. The guys are sponsoring 200 veterans for lunch on Saturday for Veteran's Day. I'll be serving too. Happy to do it.

    And with that on the agenda, I need to double up on my word count today. I'd better get on that. Go enjoy your great outdoors!

  3. This: For the first time in years, I adapted to the time change in two days. A miracle!

    That: I've been doing too much dad-sitting, and too little writing. Worse, I always come home with a raging headache.

    If you're hearing geese, we should get them in a couple of days. Yay! I'll start watching the sky. :-)