Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thursday This n That - Two Days Early

Since Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US, I decided to move the this-n-that post to today. 

I just got faked out by the cat.  She was sitting in the corner acting like something was totally interesting and looking all over like it was getting ready to attack her (or she was getting ready to attack it).  Total kwazy kat.  So, we both go over there, turn on the big light, and look - thinking perhaps it was a spider or a cricket.  Nothing.  Hubs goes on about his business, as do I.  A minute later, we look and the cat is gone.  He guessed she went to the bedroom when we weren't looking.  I posited she was pointing out a rip in the fabric of time and space, and that's where she went.  He's probably right, but my answer was more fun.

The above is probably why some people believe cats can see ghosts, btw.  Crazy-ass animals.  LOL

Despite my assertion that I would not be raking leaves this year, I did rake leaves.  Hubs mulched most of them, but I needed the exercise, so I raked them to where he was mulching them.  Now we have nothing more to rake, which kaputs my outdoor exercise routine.  Guess I'll just have to start raking the trails in the woods again.  I've got to do something - my ever-widening ass is getting out of hand again.

Despite my assertion that fishing is exercise, it's not really exercise.  Not since the lake came back up anyway.  Last year I had the opportunity to walk all over the place and fish.  Now, not so much.  Stand here, sit there, walk a little. 

Crap.  I just remembered something I was supposed to do yesterday that I didn't.  You see, I had a bunch of spreadsheet come in that needed work and I was wrapped up in that, so I didn't get the thing I was supposed to do yesterday done.  No excuse, but I really better go do that. 

What's on your this n that today?


  1. Yeah...get it done. Then go fishing before the next cold front hits.

    My cat totally sees ghosts, including our ghost kitty. Even the dogs see her. Adidas is too lazy to find any rip in space and time but I think she's convinced the crate of Only's clothes in the back of her former closet might be the path to Narnia. She disappears in there for days.

    Lets not talk about leaves. KTHXBYE

    I have 5K words for my black moment, groveling, redemption, and HEA. Yeah...gonna be a word slaughter when I edit this puppy. Time to get on it! Later, tater.

    1. LOL, we went fishing in the afternoon, and damned if the lake wasn't totally out of fish. ;o)

      Your cat kills me. If we could look through a cat's eyes, I wonder what we'd see. Wonders.

      I hope you got your 5K done. Editing... Let's not talk about that, k?