Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Update - Week... Time Change

It's the morning after the time change and I don't really care what week it is.  Stupid people messing with the social constructs.  Blerg.

Anyway, here's the week that was...

I didn't do any writing.  I thought about it, but I did not do it.  I got a box with copies of Wish Hits the Fan in it, though.  So pretty.  I need to do some kind of contest or something.

I didn't do too much reading last week.  I got through another Cat Who mystery and then I started Silver James' new release, The Sound of Silence.  I'm about 88% of the way through that.  It's AWESOME.  Naturally.  I'll probably finish it up today and then write the reviews.  I have a few books in the hopper for next week, but...

I signed up for again.  So, for the next month, I'll be swinging from the family trees.  I already made some awesome discoveries.  Like determining whether great-great grandpa Sam really did kill himself.  (Yes... and no.  He jumped out a window, broke a bunch of stuff, and then died of pneumonia in a hospital a couple weeks later.)  And I finally figured out where 3x great grandma Minnie is buried.  Yay.  That one's been a burr in my side for a while now.  I also discovered last night that Dad's one cousin who'd come to the family reunions my dad organized died last month.  I remember him.  He was nice. 

The weather has gotten warmer again.  It's freakin' November for petesakes. 

Okay, I think that's it for me this week.  I hope all y'all had a nice week and have an awesome week to come.  =o)


  1. Awww. So glad you're enjoying it. I really need to get my brain engaged and getting back to the HQ project. *sigh* I needed some down time. So I took it.

    Weather is hot and cold. Ugh. I finished up a couple of books, going back to an old series I enjoy. I had to up my GR challenge because I hit 200 books two weeks ago. Ah well.

    Go fishing. LOL

  2. Congrats on all your genealogy successes, even the sad ones.

    It's toooooo hot here, too. I'm cooking! I shouldn't be running the AC in November, but I drip without it. Sigh.

    Writing. Let's see. Wizard's Child is live; Magic's Child is with the beta reader (who is too busy to read it. Rats!) Making progress on DWL, but more on filling holes in the outline than in writing. My outlines are living things that grow and grow (I forget details, so note them in the outline), but shrink as I write each chapter and condense them to the basic events.