Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday This n That

Where did the week go?  I totally missed posting Tuesday and Wednesday, but it was like those days just blipped by.  Derp. 

I spent most of Tuesday working on spreadsheet stuff for the other jobby-doodle thing.  Wrote my first 'if/then' statement in 20 years.  Too bad I didn't remember how to do it and it was a bigger chore than it should have been.  If e6 is greater than X, then subtract X from E6 and multiply the answer by .05 and multiply that answer by .1, return the answer in the cell.  If it isn't greater, than return an answer of zero.  Which looks like this: If (E6>X, ((E6-X)*.05)*.1),0).  With X changing for different conditions, depending on a set of parameters.  I finally came up with that right answer while attempting to take a nap.  Needless to say, I never got my nap.  Got the spreadsheet done, though.  Yay.

My to-do list is pathetic.  Eleven items and only 3 have been crossed off.  And I made the damn list on Monday.  I made suet, I dusted the office, and I swept the floors.  Today, I have to vacuum and do some spot cleaning on the carpet.  I need to pick a nice warmish day to do the windows.  And I really have to clean the fridge before Thanksgiving... gah, before I put the frozen turkey in it, so this morning because I'm buying the turkey today. 

It's really foggy here this morning.  So, the trip to Wallyworld will be put off until the fog clears.  It's dangerous enough driving around here on a nice day, with all the crazy drivers out there, without the fog adding to it.

Speaking of crazy drivers, we've really been noticing the number of people who are driving off one side of the road or the other this year.  Two or three times a week there's something in the news about someone driving off the right side of the road, striking a tree or a ditch or a culvert, or crossing over and driving off the left side of the road, striking a tree or rolling over or something.  Seriously, is it that difficult to stay between the yellow line and the white line?  Seems to be so.  I blame distracted driving. 

I'm this close to picking a special project for my editor to attack.  I'm just having a tough time choosing between two manuscripts.  Both are awesome and both have their own special traits to move them to the honored spot, but I have to pick one.  Which one will go first?  I still haven't decided, but I promised her I'd get her something today, so I better pick soon. 

Okay, that's enough out of me.  If I sit here, I'll never get anything done.  Later days, dudes. 

What's up in your world?

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  1. Texting. I blame texting on the crazy drivers. I should dig out that photo I took (AS A PASSENGER--not while driving!!) of a woman with her FOOT stuck out the window, reading her phone, and driving with...her other knee? Maybe? On a buy street. Crazy!

    I need more coffee. Always.

    I also need to finish this dumb book. Every time I write a bunch in the morning, take a break for life stuffs, believing I can get back to write more in the afternoon, it all goes to hell. Ah well. Maybe today. It would help if my arthritis and carpal tunnel would cooperate.

    That just about says it for my world these days. Boring, I know. Oh, and I'm fixing chili for dinner. Because. LOL