Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Hermit Goes Exploring

I love to go exploring. Which probably sounds a little weird coming from a hermit.

I mean, we've lived here for a little over 3 years now and I've never been to Springfield - unless you count the airport, which isn't in the city proper.  I've never been to Branson.  I've never been to Rogers or Fayetteville or even little Harrison, AR.  The locals are shocked to discover these facts about me.  "What?  You've never been to Branson???" 

Umm, no.  And I'm not really interested.  Oh, I joke about going to the Andy Williams Theater.  And who wouldn't want to see Barry/Greg from the Brady Bunch live on stage?  Or Yakov Smirnov?  (That last one is probably most interesting to me.  I always thought Yakov was a hoot.)  Not interested.  There are too many people doing stupid things.  I get panicky in crowds.  And the panic increases when stupid is thrown into the mix. 

Seriously.  What is it about being on vacation that makes people lose all common sense?  Too many times I hear news reports of someone walking in front of a car in Branson.  They have clearly marked signals and crosswalks and everything.  Ugh.

No, I'm more interested in exploring the non-populated places.  Show me a trail.  Give me a boat launch in the middle of nowhere.  Present me with an out of the way park.  I'll be happy exploring that.  Sans people.  If I want company, I'll talk to the chipmunks.  Or Hubs, if Hubs is along - which is nice, but not necessary.

Gah, give me a dirt road pointing off into nowhere.  (And a better car, but beggars can't be choosers.)

We've been here 3 years and there's still so much untouched area to discover.  Using Google Earth this morning, I located at least three more potential fishing spots within fifteen minutes of home.  I'll go check those out sometime soon.  And when I get bored with discovering stuff within 15 minutes, I'll go out 30 minutes.  That should take me another decade or so. 

Why exactly would I need to go into a city again?  :shrug:  I have plenty to keep me occupied here in the back of beyond.

Have you explored where you live? 


  1. LOL I live 90 minutes from Disney and have never been, so I get it.

  2. I would suggest a road trip to Eureka Springs, during the off season. It is NOT Branson. It is quaint. There are historic hotels and buildings and scenery and someday I want to go for a week for a writing retreat. Time and money...but its on the bucket list.

    If I lived where you live? Yeah, I'd be looking for the road less traveled too!

  3. We sometimes pick a direction and just see what's out there. I always say we should go into Dallas and hit all the touristy things, but then I think about the traffic, and the parking, and suddenly I've talked myself out of it. :)

  4. I'm an hour by train from London and I've visited many times and really enjoyed the buzz of the capital and the multitude of things to see, but I don't explore much in my own neighbourhood. We have lots of historic houses, wonderful countryside and of course the river Thames isn't far, but I haven't seen much. Its the type of thing I tend to do when I have visitors, you know pick a spot & go visit.

    I did more exploring of the countries I lived in, because you're only there for a short time and you have to make the most of it. We did a lot of travelling around both Peru & Hungry and have lots of photos and wonderful memories of both places.

    I can definitely see a gap in my world now that needs to be filled so I should make a resolution to get out & about more often. I've already booked a week's holiday in October and will be staying on the outskirts of Bath, a famous Roman city, and I'm looking forward to being a tourist there.