Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday This n That

I feel like someone beat me all night long.  I asked Hubs if he was beating me while I slept.  "Only part of the night."  ;o)

After three years of living here, we finally have a bed in the spare room.  It's weird having one in there.  And right now, it kinda looks like a room in an old folks' home.  I'm gonna need to do something to make it less so.  I'm thinking funky pillows or something.  We'll see what kinds of kitsch the thrift store has.

We went for a walk at dusk the other day.  It was kinda cool.  And we heard coyotes off in the distance.

Things are blooming all over the yard.  My bugle weed plants are taking over the shade bed, but they're so pretty right now, I can't bear pinching them back.  My iris beds are coming up purple and white.  No blues yet.  My azaleas are awash with white and red blooms.  Some of my wildflowers are blooming.  The peonies are covered in ants and the buds are looking like they'll burst open any day.  The columbine is sending up stalks with dark purple flowers. The grass is a sea of wild violets. I love Spring so much.  Oh, and my hydrangea has two buds!  So happy.

One of the cows in the pasture we walk past regularly had a 'fresh off the assembly line' calf with her a couple days ago.  So cute.  So tiny compared to the other calves.  Around here, they don't bother timing the breeding so all the calves come at the same time.  Which means we have new calves showing up whenever.  It was weird to me because in Michigan, they'd better all be born in the Spring or they won't survive the winter.  Here, it's all higgledy-piggledy. 

That's it for me for now.  Whatdya have for me this morning?


  1. I fired yesterday.

    The sun is finally shining. Lots of woodpeckers knocking on trees, the sparrows in the martin house outside my office window are chirping, and a couple of crows are eating the old bread I threw out on the driveway.

    I can't get motivated. I suspect I'm hung over from the drama of yesterday. Have I mentioned I hate stupid people? Yeah. I'm going to get another cup of coffee, open up my WIP, and try a writing prompt. New words, I will find them!

  2. Quiet week at work. Everyone else away at a trade show so peace, perfect peace!

    Inhaled Nora Roberts' latest The Obsession and really enjoyed it. Now half way through Jennifer Ashley's White Tiger - enjoying that too although totally different genres.