Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 15

Okay, this is apparently the post for the right Week 15.  Somewhere along the way, I must've gotten my numbers screwed up.  Big surprise there, eh?

So, the big update is that I painted my bathroom.  Pictures will not be forthcoming.  I didn't take 'befores' so 'afters' would be pointless.  Besides, I haven't put everything back together yet and I still need to paint the cabinet fronts and the drawers.  (Thank you to Hubs for his infinite patience as the drawers take up space in the garage on the lovely painting area he created for me to do this.)  It does look very nice.  Clean.  All the smudges from previous owners are gone.  All the smushed bugs - which were impossible to clean off of whatever paint the previous owners had used - gone.  And that little, weird stain near the bottom of the door which looked suspiciously like a part of the male anatomy is obliterated.  Today, I will do the clean up work, put the doorknob back on the closet, and wash the floor. I also may rehang the hardware for the towel holders, and put the art back up. Then, maybe, I'll paint the cabinet fronts and drawers.  We'll see how I feel.  I'm pretty sore and my fingers look like sausages.

I read some stuff this week.  Moonstruck: Secrets by Silver James - not sure how I missed reading this when it came out.  Totally derp there.  It was awesome.  Then I read a weird little dystopian.  Then I read Kerry Anne King's Closer Home. (Kerry Schafer's alter ego)  It was a break from her usual supernatural fare and I loved it.  Now I'm reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - because I've never read it or any other Mark Twain, and I'm still trying to read classics I somehow missed over the years. 

And we just had a power burp* that shut me down and reminded me that I will be getting a new computer soon.  This poor old workhorse was making so much noise rebooting I thought it might explode.  It calmed down once it got to Windows, but it's definitely time to put the old girl out to pasture.  I'm thinking of going with a refurbished 'puter this time.  They're less expensive and I can get one with Windows 7, so there's no learning curve.  I hate HATE hate learning new software.  I spent too much time doing that in my old incarnation as a software trainer/tech support.

Let's see... where was I?  Oh, yes, updates...

Both books in the Once Upon a Djinn series are now available for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.  The expanded distribution experiment was a bust.  But the KU pages haven't really been bonza either.  We'll see how it goes.  And if nothing else, I can play with free days or countdown deals now.

And that's it for me.  Got any updates to share?

*probably fried squirrel on the line

Update: I ordered the refurbished computer.  It'll be here Wednesday.  Until then, I'll be sporadic on the internet while I baby this thing long enough for the other one to arrive.  Curiously enough, this computer is playing nice this afternoon.  Silly thing.


  1. The computer knows. It's trying to make nice to make you feel guilty about replacing it. If/when I get to that point, I won't be doing it from the Toasterbox. Just sayin'...

    Glad the bathroom is almost finished. I know how that goes!

    And thank you! No worries on missing SECRETS. And just in case, MOONSTRUCK: LIES is also out... *ducks and runs*

    We had rain Saturday night and today. We needed it. I need to write my blog for tomorrow.

    Is it time for dinner yet? *wanders off in search of...*

    1. I read LIES first. That's how I figured out I'd missed SECRETS. Derp.

  2. We've had thunderstorms all day, so I've been sewing instead. I don't want a power burp to kill my computer!

    I got a new version of the corset pattern done - needs a few more tweaks. Since I stayed off the computer, I got a long fluffy underskirt done, too. Five yards around the hem - the 1850s loved huge skirts. As soon as I get the corset right, I'll be ready to move on to a bodice. Yay, the fun stuff!

  3. Woot, newly painted bathroom and new computer! Very cool. I've been having my own adventures with self-pub distributors :) I think I got it all straightened out, though.