Thursday, April 23, 2015

This n That Thursday

Yesterday, Hubs guilted me into taking a walk.  I didn't want to go because the air is full of pollen and just walking around the yard sends my sinuses into Defcon 3.  After several minutes of playful back and forth, the guilting went something like this:

Him: "After I die early, they're going to say 'she should've walked with him.'"
Me: :laughing and getting up to get ready: "After I die from an acute sinus infection, they're going to say he shouldn't have guilted her into walking with him."

If was just supposed to be a short walk, but it was really gorgeous so we kept walking.  By the time we turned back toward home we were about a mile and a half out.  I still felt pretty good and the pollen wasn't bothering me much.  (I took a go-pack of tissues with me.)  By the time we got about halfway back - at the top of a small rise - I was done in and we still had the BIG HILL to walk.  I made it. Then a neighbor on her way home from work stopped to chat, so that was nice break.  She offered me a ride the rest of the way, but since I could see the house at that point, I declined.

Speaking of neighbors stopping to chat on the roadway, I stopped to talk to her the other day when I was driving and she was walking.  After a little bit, she tells me she's been meaning to ask if she can buy more of my books.  I was thinking of the box of Dying Embers I have until I realized she meant other books.  I had to tell her that was my only one, but that the next book would be out next month.  She can't wait. 

Speaking of books, yesterday I was researching for a cover artist who can create a custom cover for Djinnocide/Wish in One Hand.  I went to Deviant Art and stalked their forums, looking for artists who specifically do book covers in the urban fantasy/fantasy/paranormal genres.  There was some okay stuff there, but then I stumbled across one thread where a guy had posted about looking for an artist for his self-published book - and a couple people jumped him from behind.  They blasted him for a couple typos then took turns taking potshots at him for not trying the traditional publishing route. It appeared they were trying to make this poor dude look stupid when he seemed perfactly rational to me.  Really pissed me off.  And I would've said something but I am not inclined to sign up for Deviant Art, and I sure as hell do not want to join their forum board - not after that.  Sheesh.  Who would've thunk you'd find that loathesome behavior on a place for ART. 

Speaking of art, I sent a letter to a cover artist I found on Google.  His work is beautiful, original, digital art (or if you've got the money, he does on art paper or canvas, too).  And he fits in my budget.  The question is whether the subject matter I have in mind for the cover is something he's interested in doing.  (He does a lot of mythical and historical stuff, but not much modern, and I want the cover to blend modern day Jo with historical Omar from the scene where she 'rescues' him.)  Like I said, I sent the letter.  We'll see what his response is.

Yesterday morning we had bucks in the yard.  Two.  One appeared to be a yearling and the other maybe 2-3 years old.  Their little starter antlers were so cute.  Unfortunately, it was just starting to get light out so the pics I took will probably end up too blurry to see.  I really need to learn how to work the shutter speed thing on my camera, but who's got time for that. 

I would really like to buy Hubs this piece of property that's for sale near here.  Meadows, trees, ponds, and riverfront.  Plus it would be the start of my quest for neighborhood domination.  (I don't thirst for world domination.)  All I need is for 110,000 people to buy a book.  That's not asking too much, is it?  ;o)

Got any this n that in your lives you want to talk about?


  1. I love the idea of neighbourhood domination, much more manageable than world domination. Possibly still as sinister but there you go. I can't believe people were ragging on that guy. Hell you spend a lot of money on printed books and there are spelling mistakes in them, so on a forum? Who cares!? I hate that kind of behaviour. Nice of your neighbour to want more books - now how quickly can you write?

    1. Well, it's less about how fast I can write, Fran, than it is about how much can I afford. I have a bunch of books already written. I just need to pay for them to be professionally edited and then pay for the cover art. Of course, if I were selling tons, I wouldn't have to worry about that. LOL

      To answer your question, though, if I apply myself I can write a book in about six weeks, then another 3-4 weeks for editing, then another couple weeks for proofing. Start to finish, I can have a book ready to publish in three months. If I apply myself, which I'm horrible at. LOL

  2. Deviant Art is full of trolls, just sayin'. I feel sorry for that author, though. And some artist will likely lose out on a sale because the guy probably won't deal with the site again. I wouldn't.

    This and that, huh? No walkies for me. Too damp and cold, more like late fall than mid-spring. Weird weather. And my deadlines are crowded together. As you know, I finished up NIGHT SHIFT. It should be ready to publish soon. Then it's back to work. Except for Saturday. Sprout is coming to play Saturday afternoon while his mommy photographs a birthday party. Fun times!

    I have bird pics--there were two woodpeckers in the driveway but they were in the shade and probably too far away to get clear looks. I'll play with them after I get around to downloading from my cell phone. LOL