Thursday, April 2, 2015

This and That Thursday

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the day I met my Hubs in person.  We met online, you see, and though we'd been talking for about 6 weeks, he lived in CO and I lived in UT.  So, he paid for a plane ticket to fly me from Salt Lake to Denver.  I remember walking through DIA singing some song and utterly happy.  When I rounded the corner to baggage claim - where we'd agreed to meet - there he was chatting with one of the employees.  Then he looked up and saw me.  :happy sigh:  The rest, as they say, is history.

Love at first sight?  Nah.  I was already 95% in love with him already.  That last piece of the puzzle - seeing him and being with him - pushed me the rest of the way.

The print cover for Accidental Death is now underway.  The lovely woman is taking the ecover I made and using it to make a print cover.  I just need a blurb for the back and a page count.  The blurb is partly done, but the page count will have to wait until the edits are completed.  So, end of April?  :shrug:

I've been dealing with some confidence crises lately.  This always happens when I get my edits or right before I publish, so I'm rolling with it.  It doesn't help that I'm due for my hormone shot in the next two weeks.  Everything is so much more spazz-making.  So, when I stop somewhere and the people I usually chat with don't chat with me, I'm all like "were they busy or did I do something wrong?"  And "who did I piss off now" or "what did I do to piss someone off this time"?  The Kid and I joked about it last night on chat.  She knows what I'm like when this happens.  I miss her being around to put things in perspective. 

It's Spring in the Ozarks.  The redbuds are starting to bloom.  Birds are stopping by on their migration routes.  And the rumor mill - having been stifled through the winter - is in full swing.  I heard some concerning things about people in my neighborhood - which said more to me about the people initiating the rumors than the one the rumors were about.  Makes me wonder what they're saying about me behind my back.  And it reminds me of the rumors about my husband and I blowing around back when I was in tiny-town USA.  But like my mom says "If they're talking about me, they're leaving some other poor person alone."

What's on your mind this Spring Day?


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I think confidence crises are just a part of being a working writer. They're badges of honor!

    Being in Florida, people get to gossip year round. ((eye roll))

  2. Happy Anniversary of your first MEET.

    Which reminds me of a funny story... After my husband proposed (through the mail -- he was at an Army school in Georgia & I was still in Arizona) and we set a wedding date, I flew out to Georgia so I could drive back to AZ with him (oh, and meet his parents, who were living in Florida). I got off the plane and looked and looked for him. Then I noticed this guy just leaning against a pole, smiling at me. He had shaved his mustache and I didn't even recognize him! Made me wonder if I had made a mistake! Haha! Well, 35 years later and we're still together. Oh, and he still has his mustache!

  3. How romantic and lovely. Happy anniversary. I thought I was the only one who suffered confidence crisis, although I find that the older I get the less it bothers me.

  4. Your meeting was so romantic. Glad to see it worked out. :)