Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Better Late Than Never


Here I am.  I know I've been remiss.  I hope all will be forgiven when I pull my head out of my nether regions - which I'm hoping to do once this whole self-publishing thing becomes more automatized.  Right now, though, I'm sitting here trying to remember exactly what I did to bring Dying Embers to market.

You know, things like... 'How did I format the damn book for epub and print???  I hope I kept the link to the instructions.  Fuque.'  And 'how the hell am I going to format for Nook when I haven't bought Scrivener yet and I'm not sure it's even in the budget?' 

Max disapproves

Don't worry.  I'll figure it out.  I have plenty of time.  Why I have... OMG!  Is that what day it is??  Sunuvabitch. 


Okay, since I am obviously too insane to be around right now, here's a pretty picture...

And if you're interested in a more cogent post, visit my new and improved other blog Outside the Box (formerly B.E.'s Writerly Space... gads, what a lame title that was) - where I have a new post scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Asta la Bye Bye until next time. 


  1. Love the pic of Max. Pretty flowers. And yeah...I forget each time, too. Practice, practice, practice. That's what I keep telling myself. Hang in there, and when you find the directions? Print them out and make a 3-ring binder. I did that with my self-editing stuff, but now need to add to it for Createspace and when I get ready to the across-the-board releases so I'll need epub. Ugh.

    1. Thanks, Silver! LOL, good to know I'm not alone in my forgetfulness. Ugh, binders. I need to invest in a case of those.

      Ack, epub. I need to look into a wider distribution thing like D2D - Draft 2 Digital. I've heard good things about using them.

    2. D2D is local and we had their president present a program. They're very easy to work with and worth the formatting help and distribution unless you really want to learn about B&N, iTunes, Kobo, etc. I'm still doing KDP select because I'm too lazy to learn the others. Long story, marketing decision involved, too. But yes, look into them! My CP used them and she was very pleased--amazing since she's OCD. Seriously. Like diagnosed.

  2. Max looks like he's laughing his socks off. We're both wishing you luck on getting everything finished on schedule. :-)

    I love your iris!

    1. Max is a funny cat. Thanks for the wishes, Deb!

      And thanks for loving my flowers. They really bloomed well this year. =o)