Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Cat's Garage

Lest you find yourself horrified at the thought that precious Max lives in the garage, and that I am a terrible human being for thrusting his special needs-ness into the filthy wasteland, let me tell you about Max's home.

First off, it's a two car, attached garage.  And we don't put the car in it, except for cases of extreme weather. So no worries about mud, oil, gunk, or what have you touching his furry paws.

The garage floor has that special sealant paint which makes it extremely easy to clean.

In the garage, Max has a special chair with a pillow and a blanket.  He also has a pillow on the work bench.  And he still has the house I made for him when he was an outdoor cat in Colorado.  It's just inside now, in the farthest corner from the windows and the doors, so if it gets cold, he has his own igloo.  On top of the house, he has a comforter he likes to sleep on sometimes, too.

We've equipped the garage with an air conditioner and a space heater - so he'll never get too hot or too cold.  Hubs also went to the trouble of adding insulation to the ceiling and the walls - which helps Max AND saves us a ton on electric bills.  (You do not want to know what it costs to use a space heater to keep an uninsulated garage warm in the icy cold winter.) 

He has his own litter box that Hubs diligently cleans every day.  He has rugs laying all over for him to lay on, scratch, etc.  Also, there's an area rug under his food and water dishes, so he doesn't have to stand on the cold floor while he eats. 

We go out there several times a day to feed him, play with him, pet him, and brush him.  So, even though he's not in the house proper, he gets plenty of attention.  Plus, he gets walked once a day when the weather isn't totally crappy. 

Additionally, he has a kitty condo he likes to scratch and sit on, plenty of toys, and every once in a while, live prey.  (He killed a mouse this morning.)

So, Max - who spent however many years on the street, starving and being abused - is living the high life.  And now that he's not drooling as much, he gets to spend more time in the house itself.  (Much to Queen Kira's dismay.)

What outrageous things do you do for your pets?


  1. Uhm...the dogs sleep on the beds, couches, anywhere-they-want. They have a large tub on chew toys. They get 3 different kinds of treats. And they get a hamburger patty mixed with their dry food for dinner every night. The cat? She gets whatever the hell she wants because...cat! LOL

    1. LOL, with those sized dogs, Silver, I imagine they do sleep wherever they want. And eat whatever they want. Hey, can you adopt me, too?

      Yes, cats do get whatever they want. Spoiled brats... loveable, wonderful spoiled brats. LOL

  2. After being a street cat, Max must think he's in kitty heaven. :-)

    My cat has so many toys I have to kick a path open to walk across the living room. For some reason he usually drags the stragglers back there eventually. He's a tidy little man.

  3. Wow, that sounds like a palace most humans would love! I don't have any pets, for a couple of reasons, but the main on is that it'd be left on its own for 9 hours day while I'm at work and that not fair on the animal. Maybe when I retire I'll get myself that dog I always wanted but until then I'll live vicariously and enjoy yours.

  4. All four dogs sleep on the bed, but only Nana (thankfully the smallest) sleeps on the bed. The others are too arthritic to jump that high any more.

    But I cook for them and give them massages. I am their best friend. LOL!