Friday, October 31, 2014


There's a little song my sisters used to sing to me that probably typifies my feelings toward Halloween this year...

"Every party needs a pooper, that's why we invited you.  Party Pooper."

I'm not really in the Halloween spirit this year.  Candy?  Eh.  Great Pumpkin?  Meh.  Scary movies?  Bleh.

Okay, so that last one is a typical me thing.  I don't do scary movies unless I can make fun of them or there's some kind of nostalgia involved. Or both... "Oh look!  The Exorcist is on!  Let's wait for her head to spin around!"

Maybe I'm getting old.  Maybe it's that I don't have a kid around to make the holiday special for anymore.  Maybe it's that there are no kids around here and so buying candy means eating it all myself and I sure as hell don't need that.  (The brownies I made yesterday notwithstanding, I don't need the sugar.)

Kids always do make the holidays more special...

What do you think?  What are you doing for Halloween this year? 


  1. We've never had children and for most of our married lives we've lived too far from other families to see any trick or treaters--with the exception of five years when I lived in a suburb.

    But...from time to time we throw a Halloween costume party for adults or go to someone else's Halloween party or community event. While it's fun to see the kids' faces light up at the door, there's no law that says adults can't be goofy and have fun too.

    I don't care for dressing up but it's kind of fun to let my hair down once in a while. This year, hubby comes home after two weeks away, so it'll be all about the two of us tonight.

  2. Growing up in Yorkshire in the 70s we didn't do Halloween, we were more interested in Guy Fawkes Night on 5th November (bonfire night). I didn't take my kids trick or treating - always felt wrong to me. We spend so much time telling our kids not to take sweets from strangers, then on Halloween we practically drag them to the door of strangers. Daft or what? Anyway, I think the influence of y'all over the pond & movies/TV has made Halloween big here. Thankfully I live in a block of flats with security doors, so I won't be bothered by knocks on the door and demands for sweets. I know I'm bah humbug and proud of it!

  3. I love having the little ones come to our door! Sadly, we don't get many of those any more and more of the older ones - who are taller and hairy than either me or my husband. LOL You're right. With grown children, it's just not as fun. So, I can take it or leave it. But I think I would really love Guy Fawkes night and a big bonfire to gather around. That's sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Our trick-or-treaters are dwindling each year as churches and neighborhood youth centers are stepping in to provide "safe places". It works for me! I'm just an old curmudgeon these days, making Sprout's Snoopy costume notwithstanding. LOL I bought one bag of 200 pieces of candy. Once it's gone, the porch light goes out and I'll be off to finish getting stuff ready for the road trip tomorrow.