Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Update: Week 43

Hullo, All!

Welcome to Week 43! 

I know, I'm way to exclamation pointy for first thing in the morning, but hey, I wrote this last night, so forgive me.

What happened this past week?  Well, I finally finished the edit notes for Unequal.  I'll be inputting those during November while I... umm... I'm not exactly sure if I'll be doing NaNo after all.  I do have an awful lot of work to do on other manuscripts for me to take a whole month off to write a totally new story.  Hell, I never finished last year's NaNo novel (even if I did get past 50K, so I technically won).  I also have that mystery series I could be finishing, and several other books in varying states of disrepair.

Speaking of novels in disrepair, I edited the first chapter of Wrongful Termination yesterday.  It's tighter, it's cleaner, and I've given more personality to a secondary character who was coming off too much like a current famous personality.  Now Pat's a transplanted Yooper with a nice new last name to fit right in with the Yoopers I knew and loved.

Let's see, what else did I do... I went to the thrift store and found some more art.  One is a lovely print of a mama bluebird and her nest of babies inside an old mailbox.  Very quaint and happy.  Another is a painting of what looks like a stream below the Grand Tetons.  I need to frame it, but I have the frame.  All I need is the hardware.

I also got a couple golf clubs from the thrift store.  6-irons for 75 cents each.  Then Hubs and I went out on the lawn and whacked walnuts into the woods for about an hour.  Man, was I sore afterwards, but we had so much fun.  Even the neighbor across the street shouted that we were having too much fun, so you know it had to sound that way.  Laughing and shouting FORE!  Hubs used to golf, so he was actually hitting the nuts into the woods.  I was missing the nut half the time and when I connected, most of them only went a few feet.  I felt like the old couple on Caddyshack.  "That's a doozy, hon."

Other than that, not much going on here.  What's up in your world?


  1. Sounds like a lovely week =) I'd kill to have that much land right now. My poor puppy would probably die of happiness, LOL!

  2. It's about an acre and a third, but the lots on either side are vacant, so plenty of room for nut whacking. Powell would probably be happy unless he ran afoul of a snake or a bobcat or a coyote. A lot of people around here let their pets run loose, but I'd be afraid to let them - which is why Max walks on a leash now.

    1. Oh no, we wouldn't let him run loose, LOL. We'd put up fencing around a "yard" so that he had space, but not THAT much, lol!

  3. Walnut golf sounds like so much fun! I've only tried baby golf (miniature golf?), and I was awful. Just whacking them would be better.

    I beat my goal of cutting 20 pages - managed 21. Hurray! Now I need to rework my stubby introduction. Boo. I was all ready to send it off to Createspace for a proof. Maybe tomorrow. :-)

    I won't be doing NaNo, either. Tooooo much stuff to catch up on. I've neglected everything for over a month.

  4. B.E., you can use NaNo to edit. Set a goal for number of pages edited each day and do them. Each page, double spaced, averages about 250 words. Multiple that by the number of pages edited and that's your "word count" for the day. :) I've done that for Camp NaNo, though they allow you to edit there. During Camp NaNo, you set your own goals--words/pages. Anyway, it's a way to participate but still get done what you need to get done. Or...finish last year's project. *ducks and runs*

  5. I like Silver's suggestion -- my friend Raine said she's "auditing" NaNo this year, too, to get some writing done.

  6. Walnut golf. That needs to be the next big thing.

    At Casa South, we had a neighbor who used to swing golf balls into our back property. It was mostly wilderness back there so he never bothered retrieving his balls, but we found them whenever we mowed. I wish he'd hit walnuts instead.