Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weird Dreams

I think I was beating myself up last night.

I know I fell asleep thinking about writing.  Not the fantasy.  Not even the book I'm trying to edit.  Nope, this was a new book whose premise I've been bouncing around in my head for a while now.  That's probably what led to the violence of this morning's dream.

As usual, I don't remember the gist of the whole dream.  I know it was going along rather nicely or I might remember more of it.  All I remember is the end.  I was sitting on a couch typing.  Someone was sitting next to me reading over my shoulder - which I hate, but I was dealing with it.  Then some girl came and sat on the couch next to the person next to me. 

And she was talking rather loudly.  And laughing.  And nudging the person next to me.  Every time she nudged him, he'd bump into me and I'd fatfinger the words I was typing.  I'd say "Just let me finish this sentence."  Delete the fucked up words and try again.  Just when I'd type some more, she'd nudge him and he'd bump into me and I'd screw it up again.  Once more with the "Just let me finish this sentence."

And again, nudge-bump-mistype.  "Just. Let. Me. Finish. This. Sentence."

Nudge-bump... I turned and jumped across the guy onto the girl.  I was beating the holy hell out of her when I woke up.

I told this dream to Hubs a little while ago.  He said, "I was planning on leaving you alone today."  And I assured him he was not the person who annoyed me so bad that I felt the need for physical violence. 

I think I was beating up myself.  Or rather that part of me that isn't allowing me to finish anything.  I opened a can of whoop-ass on her.  She needed it, trust me.

What this means for today?  I'm trying to write a little on the idea that kept me up last night.  I don't know if whipping that chick in my dreams means she'll leave me alone to let me write or not.  All I know is it's a neverending battle. 


  1. You have the most interesting dreams. That said, I agree on your interpretation. So get to work. :D

  2. Today is a new day and it sounds like you kicked your own ass last night. Write, woman, write!

  3. Wow - interesting dream - and fabulous interpretation! And a new idea, eh? Tie your inner naysayer up and stuff her in the closet, B.E. - get writing!!!