Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Pot Pie

Yeah.  I know it's not Thanksgiving yet.  The real turkey isn't due to make it's appearance in my belly for another couple days.  So what did I go out and buy last week?  Rotisserie turkey breast.  And what did I do yesterday?  I used the leftovers to make my first ever turkey pot pie.

It was awesome, btw.

I hadn't even really planned on making it.  Instead I was sitting around the house when the thought occurred to me that Hostess is gone and I may never get a chance to buy Raspberry Zingers ever again.  I snatched up my purse, drove to the store to find... totally empty shelves on the Hostess rack.  Someone had beat me to my idea of hoarding whatever Hostess goodies were left.  :sniffle:

I could've walked away.  But then I got chatting with a friend of mine who works in the produce section.  And after keeping her distracted for ten minutes, I felt honor bound to at least buy something.  As I pushed the cart past the pre-made pie crusts, the idea blossomed.  I threw the crusts into my cart, snagged a bag of frozen veggies, and a jar of turkey gravy.  The rest is history.

What does any of this have to do with writing?

Well, part of it has to do with yesterday's post on procrastination.  But digging a little deeper, I see that I can turn this into a lesson.

- I went into my excursion expecting one thing but when disappointment hit, I turned it into a positive.
- I tried something totally new and it worked out great.

Oh, and not everyone thought my pot pie was awesome.  The Kid turned her nose up at the mere thought of what I'd made for dinner.  I even made her try some.  She hated it.  (Of course she did.  She hates pot pie.)  And even though it hurt my feelings a little, I survived.  Which leads to another lesson for writing...

- Sometimes you can work really hard creating something you're sure everyone will love - even those who don't love the concept - but no matter how hard you work, different people have different tastes.  And that's okay. 

Eating, like reading, is a subjective business.

So, how's your turkey pot pie coming along? 


  1. OK - I know I read your post on procrastinating yesterday (yeah, it rang true for me) - but I obviously didn't comment (my head's not on straight these days). As Silver said yesterday, you really need to package up all these pitfalls and offer them up in book format - they're perfect!

    OK, I love pot pie and it's only 10 in the morning, but I want some! Sounds delish - and great advice from your little adventure, too. Yes, everyone has different tastes - but most importantly, I need to not worry about sticking to the path I start out on...I need to explore and be open (ie: think outside the box).

    Thanks, B.E. :)

  2. So, you procrastinated over commenting, Janet? ;o) It's okay. You just have writer brain compounded by NaNo.

  3. I use the Banquet Chicken/Biscuit kit for a modified "pot pie." Only I add a pack of frozen mixed veggies and more chicken. We love it. Comfort food.

    As for my turkey? There's not much pie to it right now. But there will be by the time I'm done.

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  5. I didn't hate it. I agreed that it looked pretty. But pot pie is not my thing.

    Sowwy =(

  6. I've seen that kit, Silver, but I haven't tried that one. I made the Beef Stew kit a couple weeks go, though, and it was yummy. (Even if it definitely needed more meat and veggies.)

    That's because you're a brat, KD. (And I can say that because I'm the mama. Yes, KD = The Kid.)

  7. Forget Chicken Soup for the Soul... you can write Turkey Potpie Life Lessons or something :) Both very good lessons.