Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Public Service Message

I know the readers of my blog probably don't need to see a message like this - because you're all much smarter than the average bear - but for the sake of anyone who might be wandering by...

When it gets cold and there's water on the road in the form of snow or ice, chances are the roads are slippery.  Please slow down and give yourself plenty of time to stop.  I so don't want to watch you slide through an intersection in front of a school bus, killing yourself and injuring children.

Thank you.

(This message was prompted by the moron I just saw roar up to a stop sign, slam on her brakes and slide into the busy road I live on.  She was just very lucky the road was empty at that particular moment, because this road is rarely bereft of cars at this time of day, and shortly after she left, a school bus went by.)


  1. Oh so true! Oh so true! I'm in Utah so you'd think drivers understood this concept, but every year, they need a rude awakening before they remember. *shakes head*

  2. Gosh, I wish everyone would take your advice.

    BTW, is "Djinn II" the title of your WIP? Where'd you get that title? It's neat!

  3. I lived in Utah for a couple years, Leigh, so I know exactly what you're talking about. Scary stuff. I remember a huge pile-up on I-80 because of hoar frost. :shudder:

    Thanks, Mohamed, but that's not the title. It's just a toss off phrase I used as a filename until I think of the real title. Djinn - because it's about genies - and II because it's a sequel.

  4. So. True. I wish more people listened to this message!

  5. Ack! How scary! People can be such morons on the road...