Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - A Year in Meh

Yeah.  It's 3AM.  I can't sleep.  Seems like a perfect time to reflect on this past year...

But for me, 2011 was pretty much meh. 

K.D. got accepted to college.  That was exciting.  But that was in late 2010.  Everything we went through this year can be summed up like this: angst and prep and more angst and a great deal of shelling out large sums of money.  Her going off to college was more barfy than Yippee! followed by 4 months of worrying.

I didn't really write anything new in 2011.  Well, not for the first 11 months.  Instead I worked on re-writing Djinnocide for the kajillionth time and when I wasn't busy doing that, I was trying to re-write a couple other ignored works.  One suspense.  One speculative. 

This past December was spent hammering out an entirely new book.  Well, sort of new.  New words in a familiar world as I worked on the sequel to Djinnocide.  Once again, I'm back with Jo and the gang trying to figure out why immortality just got so damn complicated.  I mean, you'd think living forever with phenomenal power would be easy peasy.  But between following the Rules and navigating the secrets, life is anything but simple.

I did do some querying.  You can probably tell from the lack of new words and the focus on re-writes that once again, they didn't pan out. 

I turned 41 in 2011.  After the whoop-te-doo over 40, hitting the next year is anti-climactic.  There won't be another big milestone for 9 more years.  (Or 8.5 really.)  I'm a little older.  A little grayer.  And there's a little more of me around to love.

2011 was the year of plodding along.  Nothing really awesome happened.  On the other hand, nothing really horrible happened either.  We're all still alive and kicking.  Any family members we had at the beginning of the year, we got to keep.  (Cross your fingers until midnight that someone doesn't make a liar out of me.)  Hubs, Daughter, the Cats and I are all well.  I guess that's what important - even if it is a bit unexciting.

Soooo...  How was your 2011?  Anything to jump up and down about?  Have a good news to share for the new year?  Or was your 2011 meh, too?

And if 2011 brought you heartache or grief, I apologize from the deepest well of my heart.  I'll keep a happy thought for you to have a better 2012. 


  1. Im glad you had a good year overall :) I'm extending my bloggy hug at midnight tonight for you! Have a good one!

  2. Im sorry 2011 was kinda meh for you. It was meh for me, too. I had surgery, my beloved dog died, and numerous other things that I wont get in to ;) But Ive also had some good things! I went to Disney World, I planned most of my wedding, and I finished university!

    Here's hoping 2012 rocks! =D