Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After

No, not that horrific mini-series from the '80s.  I still have nightmares about that.

Nope, I'm talking about the day after Christmas.  Now that all the presents have been opened and the gifts have been enjoyed.  Now that everything has been tried on and played with and set back under the tree so the living room doesn't look like a disaster area.  Now that our stomachs are all reminding us that we ate waaaaay too much food yesterday.  (I don't know about all y'all, but I'm waddling around the house this morning wondering if my pajama bottoms shrunk overnight.)

Today is kind of still a holiday around here.  The Hubs has the day off because Christmas fell on Sunday.  I'm glad he's home.  He needs a day off to decompress.  It's been a hellacious few weeks.  And the kid's home, too, so we're one small happy family again.

Of course, it isn't really a day off for me.  I took the whole weekend off already, putting me a nifty 7200 words behind my goal of 50K this month.  That means I have to work today.  In fact, according to my nifty spreadsheet, I have to put in 2500 words a day for the next 6 days.  :shudder:

But enough about that.  We had an awesome Christmas here at the Sanderson household.  Every one of us enjoyed ourselves and time with each other.  It was a quiet Christmas for the most part.  Sure, I totally forgot my mother said the family was celebrating on Saturday this year and then she was spending the rest of the weekend at my sister's - which made for some worried phone calls to her home yesterday.  And yeah, Max disappeared until late last night when he came running at me, meowing for all the world like I was the one who neglected him all day.

Still, it was a nice holiday.  The ham was perfection - even if I accidentally turned off the oven and didn't notice for an hour.  (Who knows, maybe that helped it be awesome.)  Hubs got me a box of Godivas.  The kid got me a knew set of knives.  Even the cats got me something I really wanted.

Yeah, despite the little bobbles of the day, life is good.

How are you feeling on this day after?  Did everything go smoothly for you this weekend or did you have bobbles of your own?  Are bobbles part of what makes a holiday memorable?

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  1. I'm exhausted and my hands are killing me from trying to rip apart the sadistic packaging they use in kids' toys now. But it was a good day.