Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tornado Season is Here

Tonight, tornado season arrived in northeastern Colorado with the first warning of the season.  Lucky us, it was just a warning based on cloud rotation and no spotting of an actual twister, but tonight just the beginning.  Hopefully, our luck will hold and everything will bypass us again this year.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

I grew up at the end of what we called tornado alley in Michigan - a stretch of flat land between Lansing Lapeer County.  I never saw a funnel, but on several occasions I saw some scary rotation in the clouds above our house.  Here, though, they get some Auntie Em, Auntie Em stuff.  Eastern Colorado = Kansas-lite. 

Do you get tornadoes where you're at?  Are you as fascinated by and as scared of them as I am?


  1. We definitely get them here. We're in just the right spot for nasty weather since we have hot moist air coming off the gulf that doesn't play nice with the dryer cool fronts that push through. The explosion happens right over Houston. But it's not open plains here, so you can't really see it coming. We've never been directly hit (though we've had trees knocked down from one before my parents built their house), and the only ones I've actually "seen" were waterspouts pretty far away.
    I'm definitely fascinated/terrified. They're amazing to see footage of, but I hate that they have the ability to ruin lives.

  2. We don't get them over here, but although they must be terrifying to experience close up, I should think they're fascinating to see from a distance, a far, far, distance.

  3. I grew up in Michigan, too. I remember when a tornado took off the roof of my elementary school WHILE WE WERE STILL INSIDE IT. Tornadoes are way scary!

  4. We get hurricanes, and little tornados. I'm pretty blase about it. I'd get freaked if we had a Cat 3 or higher coming to Tally, but otherwise I don't get that excited. I'd be having a heart attack 30 times a year or so if I got all worked up every time one formed in the Gulf! We've been lucky.