Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dis Dat and de Odder Ting

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone.  Of course, I didn't hear about the coming Rupture until after my birthday - otherwise I would've partied harder.  (Okay, not really.)  Forty-one seems like an odd age for the end of the world, doncha think?  :shrug:  Oddly, this is the third or fourth prediction of the end of the world I've lived through, so I'm not especially worried.  We've all gotta go sooner or later, right?  Just not today.  "Pardon me, but I'll have to skip the rapture.  I have too much to do." 

Max is 99% and back out in the world.  The only way you can tell anything went wrong with him is the hairless patch where the abscesses were and the two scabs on his shoulder that look like he survived a vampire attack. 

After waking up to a semi-sunny morning (at 5:45am - WTF is up with my body clock?), the clouds rolled in.  Bleh.  We've already gotten more than an inch and a half of rain this week.  Wet and cold.  It's 40 degrees right now.  This isn't May weather.  It's more like March.  Does that mean I get a do-over of the previous two months?  Pretty please?

I spent five minutes in the parking lot of the store yesterday watching a bird I couldn't identify.  Turns out it was an Eastern Kingbird - all poofed up against the unseasonal cold.  It looked like he was doing his best puffin imitation.

Since my birthday is over (and my anniversary, too), I'm going to try to get back on the 'get healthy' wagon.  Hubs and Daughter ate the last of the cake yesterday.  I finished off the Dreyer's ice cream.  With those out of the way, the path toward eating better has been slightly smoothed.  Temptation be gone!  Until I remember those packs of chocolate pudding I got during the awesome sale.  I'm a sucker for a good sale.

Which reminds me.  I need to buy the kid a laptop computer for school.  I'm thinking small with just enough of everything she needs to get her schoolwork done.  Hubs is thinking top of the line - spare no expense for the kid's education kind of thing.  Daughter is thinking anything that has an awesome graphics card, because like ya know she'll need it for the rare times when she isn't studying and wants to relax by playing a computer game.  Ya right.  Since I'm the one shopping for it, I think I'll win.  But that's probably just dreaming on my part.  I'm the Mom.  I never really win. If I won, she'd be going to a smaller school - or maybe a community college for the first couple years and then CSU. 

I really need to get back to writing again.  I have been plotting in my handy notebook with my nifty red pen, but not a whole lot of actual writing in being done.  Instead I've been working on Daughter's Senior pictures.  (yeah, I know.  shoulda been done last fall)  And her graduation announcements.  Senior pics will be sent with the grad announcements, so I have to have those done ASAP.  Ya know, since she's like officially graduated a week from today.

I'm really not ready for any of this.  Can ya tell?

What's up in your world?


  1. Our worlds are, at times, strangely similar. In that we are now both 41 and in need of getting back into the writing groove. I have no cats graduating, however. ;o)

  2. Happy Birthday! Woohoo to the world not ending :)

  3. Ah, 41. Here's hoping it's a good year for us both, Kristen. And once the kid leaves, we'll be more alike. It'll just be the Hubs and I with the cats.

    Thanks, Alexia. Ya, the end of the world would totally ruin my day. ;o)

  4. Happy birthday to you, I'm glad you had fun and that the world didn't end and ruin everything.

    So pleased to hear Max is doing well after his horrible experience.

  5. I know that feeling--when you're plotting and plotting and itching to get to the real writing!

    Glad to hear the rapture didn't foil your attempts at plotting.