Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Update

It's back to school time, which is why my blogging has been so horrible this week.  Daughter's using my desk and my computer while she's doing schoolwork.  (Okay, for some classes, she's just using my Pandora, but if music helps get the assignments in on time, I'm going with it.)  So, from 8-9 and 1-5, I'm off the keyboard.  At nine, I take her to work and then 9-12, I'm running errands, doing housework, doing store work, etc.  Then lunch hits and by the time Husband is back to work, it's time for school to start again.  That leaves night time for writing.  Hence the absence of my own blogging and any lengthy comments I might make.  I need to do something about this.  I miss everyone.  Maybe I'll try running errands and doing housework while she's doing school.  We'll see.

In other news, I've been slogging away at the re-font edits for DLN.  I'm not going to have them done by the end of the long weekend, but I'm hoping not too long after.  Think positive thoughts for me.  Pretty soon it will be officially one year since I started this book.  :shudder:

In other other news, I got a haircut today.  I went for something totally different (cut wise, not color - I love my gray hairs*).  If I get Daughter to take a picture of me, I'll post it.

Max Update: He's fat and sassy.  Okay, not fat, but I noticed that I can't feel his ribs anymore and his hips are almost normal.  He'll never be as big as Kira (thank god), but he's mostly healthy now.  His mouth's still not quite right, but after so long with a broken jaw, it never will be.  We just have to accept the fact he will always drool and his tongue will never stay all the way inside his mouth.  He looks like he's giving social commentary on everything.  LOL  I'll post a new pic of him as soon as I upload.

Beyond that, life is peachy.  How're things in your world?

*Seriously.  I figure I earned every one of those gray hairs.  They're mine and I love them.  

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  1. School is starting for my son on Tues. I have to admit I'm looking forward to a little quiet time at home. I'll be working part time this fall so that gives me a couple days a week to be home alone.

    Ahhh bliss!