Sunday, September 19, 2010

This n That

I've been working since 7.  Get up, feed the cats, get coffee, smoke... work.  The scene cards are done for Bloodflow - including the scenes I snipped.  Now I know why I snipped most of them.  Yuck.  I thought the book was convoluted before I did those snip cards.  If I added them all back in, any reader would be lost.  Hell, I'm lost and I know where the story's going.  So, most of those cards will not be shuffled into the deck. 

Last night's post is about where my brain is at.  Total smudgy mess.  I need to organize my thoughts so I can organize my story.  I need to set myself down and get back to work.  Everything is better when I'm working.  Too bad this week is jammed with other stuff that's going to make working hard. 

Here's hoping everything settles down in my life soon.  Settled life = settled brain = cogent stories.  At least it ought to work that way.

How are things in your life?  Tell me something good.

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  1. Things in my life are busy, although I managed 600 words before church and am going to hopefully crank out another 1900 this afternoon. Hard because football is on and I'd really like to veg on the couch now and watch some games!