Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here's Blurby!

Dear Agent Type Person:

After wrangling a scimitar-wielding nutcase, Josephine Mayweather’s self-appointed mission to free her fellow Djinn feels more like sprinting through a psych ward than a waltz in the woods. The night some thing starts killing her brethren, though, her job of running a halfway house for the supernaturally challenged becomes more difficult than she ever wished for.

Of course, life would’ve been easier if her brethren weren’t playing ‘I’ve got a secret’, but no one promised her easy. Now she has to break through some damn conspiracy of ignorance just to find out she’s facing an Efreet, and she has to shatter some stupidity if she wants to stop this super-dude before he commits Djinnocide again. When her best bets for help come in the form of a ex-lover, an aging pirate, and a fluffy dog, Jo’s going to need a boatload of luck if she doesn’t want to end up dead—or worse. Too bad for her, she hasn’t been lucky since the night her third wish got her into this mess.

DJINNOCIDE is an urban fantasy complete at approximately 93,000 words.

(Personalized bit, and short paragraph indicating what I’ve embedded in the email – or put in the envelope.)

Thank you for your time.

So, that's the latest (and I'm hoping final) draft of the query letter I've been working on for what seems like ever.  Daughter has pronounced this the best version she's read - out of probably a dozen or so - and doesn't think I should change a thing.  (And no, she hasn't read the book yet, so she can't tell me how well it describes what I actually wrote.)

I'm telling you - the best critic / beta reader / proofer is one you grow yourself.  ;o)

Also, if you're a regularly visitor or a blog follower, are a fan of urban fantasy, and would like to beta read this for me, drop me an email and we'll talk.  It was a fun book to write - despite the length of time and number of drafts it took - and I hope you'll find it a fun book to read.

Here's hoping an agent thinks it's fun and SELLABLE.


  1. Hey, B.E. - If my life weren't so hectic right now, I'd beta read for you. Why? Because of your blurb! Awesome blurb!

    Just one thing (and I hope you're ok with me making a suggestion - remember, it's only my opinion and I'm no expert). The first sentence of your blurb confused me. I would move that last sentence to the beginning (that's your hook - running a halfway house for the supernaturally challenged - OMG, too fabulous). Then work in the big conflict she faces (because running the home must be conflict left, right and center).

    The rest reads great - like I said, so great, I want to read it. Well done :) And good luck!!

  2. Thanks, Janet. Suggestions are welcome. I see what you're saying. I'll tweak some more and see how that works. I wish you weren't so busy, but them's the breaks. It's a busy time of year. Heck, even Daughter's too busy to read right now. Her stupid teacher has her doing a boatload of homework. (i.e. me - so I brought this on myself. :gerk:) Let me know if you get unbusy and still want to read. =o)