Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stream of Consciousness Post

Michigan won - barely.  Michigan State is still playing, and every time they get the upper hand, friggin' Notre Dame comes back.  Bleh.  I just whipped another 6 chapters worth of notecards out, and I'm thinking I'm doing some head hopping, but it's working for me.  Or am I just telling myself that?  I dunno.  Fourth and one, ND's got the ball and the game is tied at 28.  I can just see the TV from here and can't tell how much time is left.  Thank god, MSU stopped them. I think.  I can't tell if I really care at this point.  Kira's sleeping behind my chair, Max is sleeping in his box.  I should be sleeping.  I can't believe I went to bed at 8:30 last night and still felt like 6am was too early.  I should be sleeping, but I had a cup of coffee around 3 and I'm wired.  Why is it I can drink Dew until just before I go to bed but coffee after noon makes me hyper?  Must be part of getting older.  Older.  Crap.  My mom's going to be 70 this week.  When did that happen?  She can't be 70.  She's only like 58.  She looks pretty much the same as then.  A little more snow on the mountain, but then again, I didn't have more than a sprinkling and now look at me.  Where was I twelve...

And this is why I hate books written in 'stream of consciousness'.  Writing that damn near gave me a headache.  Reading it makes me queasy.  Sorry if it did the same to you.  I was just trying something different. 

Okay, I really am going to bed.  Coffee or no coffee.  May all our streams of consciousness turn off long enough for a good night's sleep.  Pleasant dreams.

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