Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Update of Sorts

This week was spent mostly editing the same eight chapters over and over.  I can't help myself.  I open the document, planning to move on to the next unedited chapter and I find myself drawn into reading the story.  And then I find little things I could've written better.  I'm in serious danger of tweaking myself and my manuscript to death.  Last night, though, I broke away from the lure and dove into Chapter Nine.

And I have a problem.  Oh, Chapter Nine itself is fine.  Don't worry about that.  The problem is I keep finding myself torn between loving this manuscript and wanting to tear it all apart to rebuild it in a different direction.  I wrote it headed one way, and there's this little niggling part of my creative process that says "Hey, that's great, but what if we do this instead?"

I keep telling it that stuff can go in the next book, but it doesn't listen to me.  Hmmm.  I wonder if it's that French chick in disguise.   

For now, I'm slapping the thought away and forging ahead.  Regardless of the voices in my head, I still think I wrote it right the first time.  (Here's hoping the publishing industry agrees.) 

In other news, yesterday's book review netted me a huge jump in blog visitors - including the author herself.  Turns out Seanan McGuire saw the review and linked back to it.  Thanks again, Ms. McGuire.  You made my morning.

Anyway, it totally rocks because DLN is targeted at the same people who would buy and love McGuire's series. Of course, I've got a lot of polishing to do before this WIP is in her league, but it just makes me want to work that much harder...

"Ah theenk you should stop writeeng before you deesappoint yourself.  You weell never reach Meez Mcguire's league.  She ees so far above you, you are like a speck to her.  A flea.  A gnat."

"Shut up, Mam'selle."

I really hate that French chick.  Anyone got a can of Raid?

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  1. lol woohoo on the jump in blog visitors!!!

    And Im sorry you're having doubts, but I'm sure you did write it right the first time =)